Gaijin Gunpla

We start from the ground up on the second part of the Delta Plus build and here we encounter nothing out of the ordinary. For the feet, we build everything x 2.

Those are some sexy feet you got there, Delta. Sinanju-ish for sure.

The upper leg features a white plastic piece representing piping. Oooh, the aftermarket possibilities!

And check out the lower leg frame pieces!

I see a lot of masking in my future… Already looking forward to it!

Also sexy, the design of the lower leg armor which allow the goodness that is the lower leg frame to show through.

The legs on this HG are outstanding and I am already planning mods for my MG version should Bandai decide to produce one.

Because this kit transforms into Waverider mode the design of the skirt is slightly different. No polycaps for the hips or side skirt armor.

These are the important pieces of the skirt. These will be used in its Waverider form.

and voila! half a gundam!

One half plus one half equals a whole. (Minus the fins on the back, that’s for next time).

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  1. ChroniK says:

    I just can’t wait! and yes the Aftermarket Possibilities! I’m still trying to figure out what Color Scheme you are gonna do! anyway, Good Job!

    • syd says:


      I haven’t decided what color scheme I am going to use. I am very undecided. Perhaps I will ask everyone to post suggestions.

  2. mikiwank says:

    I’m looking forward my Delta Plus kit. I love his sexy design 🙂

    My gunpla forum friends and me, have a big scale diorama project for 2011. We made an U.C 096 diorama with lot of HGUC plamo. If you’re interest you can show our WIP on hangar-mk forum.

  3. Sonar says:

    I love the head. It’s so sharp all over but that head is just mean.

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