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The ecoplo Mk-II is the same kit as the HGUC Gundam Mk-II Titans Version kit from 2002 but molded in recycled plastic making it black. Bandai includes the marking stickers for the eyes and helmet but not much else which isn’t a big deal.

As all the runners are in black, there’s no need to post pictures of them, so I’ll just post my thoughts on the kit.

Overall it looks great. The proportions are excellent and it really looks fierce, like a Mobile Suit to be reckoned with. I can see why the Mk-II is so popular and perhaps the MG version is in my future. If you clean the gate marks carefully seam lines won’t be unsightly.

As its an HGUC kit it is relatively easy to build however the design is excellent and this kit has some great posability. It also has huge potential for modifications, but I shouldn’t start thinking about that otherwise I’ll be taking this baby back apart.

With a bazooka, rifle, beam saber and shield as included accessories you will be able to spend time actually ‘playing’ with this guy.

I can only compare it to the other HG kits I have built, the G Gundam and the Avalanche Exia Dash, and would rate this Mk-II kit lower than the G but higher than the Exia. The fact that the kit is nine years older is a testament to Bandai’s kit engineering. What will an HG kit look like nine years from now?

Fun Factor : 7/10 Just building the Mk-II makes me happy.

Colors : 5/10  Given half points due to it being all one color, but it is 限定!

Weapons : 8/10 As mentioned before Beam Saber, Beam Rifle, Bazooka, and Shield! Plus the extra vulcan pod (?) that can be mounted to the head and the two beam saber handles.

Articulation : 7/10 This guy poses pretty good for an older HG.

Build Design : 6/10 Well designed and fun to put together. ‘nough said.

Extras : 4/10 You get the extra beam saber handles which fit on the backpack, and the vulcan piece that goes behind the helmet.

Overall Look : 9/10 Love the Mk-II!

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  1. Rod says:

    Looks great!!! Is this Mk-II a new release?

  2. Rod says:

    Syd, are the ecopla hard to find even in Japan?

    • syd says:

      The Ecopla are only available at events such as the gundam expo and the 1/1 Gundam. You can’t buy them in regular model stores.

  3. Busterbeam says:

    I’m really happy with this myself

  4. Busterbeam says:

    LOL after i typed all of this up I realized that you’d already done a lot of things I was going to write about. I was confused and thought that the numbers were out of 100. i just didnt look closely enough (but maybe other readers are doing the same). Because the total score is 80 for most kits and 60 for this (and maybe the numbers will change for other suits were you have an N/A category) its hard to get a feel for just how good a kit is by itself with this system i feel. I like percentages myself. easy to understand. score out of 100.

    initially I didnt think that 34/100 is a fair score for this kit. but its out of 60. that was my mistake. so i originally thought that you were giving this a score of 34%. It’s 42.5% if the read assumes you’re grading out of 80 like the other kits. but it turns out youre giving it a score of 56.6%. And even that I don’t like. My way gives it a score of 73.3%. Granted these problems I mentioned here are because of reader error. Not on your end. But why not eliminate the possibility all together?

    Also I’d consider this in terms of other HGUC kits made in the era and what weapons the suit are actually supposed to come with. It comes with everything the Mk.2 should have except for an extra hand to dual wield the beam sabers. I’d be forgiving in the extra’s dept because that only really happens when a kit is based off of another kit. Like how with the Astraea F you got the Exia parts as well because of the runner overlap. Also is easy bad? I’d say “appropriate level of difficulty”.

    So my review would go like this. Overall 8, Weapons 8, Articulation 8, Fan Factor 5, Difficulty 7 (because its appropriate for a kit of its time, not too many small pieces, design etc. good things. This is actually a pretty tough category to quantify). If we change the word to “challenging” implying that you want a level of difficulty from your kits than i think this would be fine. 2 would be appropriate as its pretty easy to assemble. But some people, like me, like easy kits to assemble and would grade this differently.

    Extras 7 (because it comes with all of its weapons except for enough extra hands and no beam effect parts). Extras implies that kits “should” come with more than what they normal use or contain and will be marked down if they’re “standard”.

    That brings me to 44pts divided by 60 possible points x 100 = 73.3% and I can live with that for this kit. I mean compared to your 56.6%

    Sorry. I have to defend the Mk.2. It’s my favourite suit. Also… this has helped me to flesh out my own review system for my site should the time ever come. I dont mean to be critical but i draw the line when it comes to this suit.

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