Gaijin Gunpla

Shhh.. Someone’s sleeping.

With the heat wave still assaulting Japan last week, Gaijin Gunpla Jr. had taken to sleeping downstairs where it was cooler.  Unfortunately, this is also where I have taken up Gunpla to escape the upper 30 degree temperatures that emit from my work room on the second floor.  I wanted to build Gundam, but I couldn’t turn on the lights or make much noise without waking someone up.  The solution, assemble the painted pieces of the HG Exia Avalanche Dash and apply the stickers using the light coming from the lamp above the stove and my laptop screen to show me the way.  It was not much, but it would have to do. Which meant flash photography for this entry. blah!

Can you see my cat in her usual night-time sleeping place?

I started with the torso and, squinting mightily in the dim light, managed to give myself a headache. I also managed to get those small pieces in place without dropping one. If I dropped one, it would be gone for good. Or at least until daybreak the next morning.

Next up was the arms and I had to dig (quietly) through the box where I stashed the various poly-caps only to discover that I had left them upstairs. So I crept silently up the stairs to retrieve them, stubbing my toe on the table and cursing silently on the way back into the living room.

The stickers were not as easy to work with as I would have liked. They are shaped at odd angles designed with the idea that you fold the edges around the plastic piece. While this seems like a good idea, not all went on easily or satisfactorily. But, I did my best.

There about 2000 stickers (give or take 1994) for the skirt alone

Here’s a shot of the sticker sheet after using all the stickers. There are quite a few parts of the Exia that are intended to be yellow however, rather than give you yellow pieces they gave you yellow stickers. Hmmm..

Once all the stickers were on I carefully placed the pieces back into the box.

Next on the agenda, top-coat and decals and we’ll see if my modification worked out.

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  1. Sonar says:

    汚い?? <The cat on the table? haha.

    Sucks to have to endure 30 plus (at night?) It's like that from next month until April where I am. Thank goodness for AC.

    Question: Assembling painted pieces, then putting on stickers – did I read that right?

  2. traviss says:

    I never miss a chance to tease Syd.

  3. syd says:


    Yup, you read it correctly. I painted the pieces, then applied stickers as I reassembled them.

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