Gaijin Gunpla

In the previous entry I mentioned how I did the assembly of the pieces and applied the stickers on the Exia basically in the dark. Well, the next day I could see how that turned out.

They looked good so I sprayed topcoat on them and proceeded to the decals.

While the decals were setting I took out the pieces I had modified and set about finishing the modification.

The poly-cap is glued in but it’s noticeable from the side so I wanted to put some plastic on the outside to hide the poly-cap. In order to get the right shape for the plastic I grabbed a piece of paper, laid it overtop the plastic piece and scribbled over it with a pencil leaving a rough outline of the shape I would need. Rough outline is indeed the proper term here.

Then using that as a template I cut out some plastic and glued it onto the pieces.

Once the glue was dried I took a file and sanded down the edges, then sandpaper, then I primed and painted. The next day I top-coated.

The Exia Avalance is all finished now. It feels good to get back to something I had almost forgotten about and see it through. Gallery up soon!

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    excellent technique. i’m going to remember that.

  2. Sonar says:

    Did you bother to rescribe those panel lines or did you leave the flat surface leave it as is?

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