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This MG Full Armor Gundam is the very one from the series of Viewer Choice Master Grade videos on’s Gunpla TV. (That’s a lot of hyperlinks right there.)  This is a great kit and I really enjoyed assembling it for the videos but once the shooting was finished I felt I couldn’t just leave it alone.  I wanted to take it home , care for it, nurture it, and watch as it grows into adulthood.  Okay, all but one of those is a lie.  I wanted to take it home and put some paint on it.  Make it look like the Full Armor is serving its purpose, which means wear and tear.

So the first step was to pull off all the Full Armor I had put on and remove the gate marks. I won’t be painting the actual Gundam, just the Full Armor as I intend to leave it with its armor on full time. Full-time Full-armor. That’s how I roll.

I’m also going to be doing something with that orange.

After a round of disassembly and gate mark removal I have this.

And poor Full Armor guy looks like this.

Why no feet? Well, if you watch the series of videos closely there is a part where a foot just falls off. What happened is while I was working on different parts of the kit in front of the camera, the cameraman or producer guy was playing around with the legs and, pop, pulled off the feet. We would push them back into place but they never attached properly and kept coming off quite easily. I intended to get to the bottom of this. Get it? Feet. Bottom.

I discovered the problem.

The way the kit is designed the feet have to be attached to the leg frame before putting on the lower leg armor. I did that and Full Armor dude was as good as new.

The next part I disassembled was the head because I needed to get the piece for the vulcans as they are going to be painted as well.

Which meant Full Armor Fella now looks like this.

And that’s where I left him. Next up, sleep. Then, work. Then, something related to Gunpla.

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  1. Sonar says:

    Haha. That was quite the whimsical post. Enjoyed it. Please tell me you’re going to do something about that drab and lifeless green as well?!

  2. Tember says:

    I agree with doing something about the orange, being a lover of orange myself. I say make it neon!!!

  3. traviss says:

    That picture doesn’t do that green justice. It is much darker.

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