Gaijin Gunpla

The day I got together with the four bloggers of the Apocalypse to view the 1/1 Gundam was a bit of an eye-opener for me. Not just because I got to see a life-size RX-78-2, either. It was because, after leaving the gundam and heading to an Izakaya for some drinks that I got to listen to the other three speak of the Gundam anime series and that made me realize that I’m really missing out on something. I could tell it was very special to each of them and that feeling was contagious, so I told myself I would rent a gundam anime and check it out.

The next day I was in the local drug store and they had a bin of used DVDs going for 500 each. And what did I find in that bin?

Gundam Seed Destiny! This is the anime that features my new, could-be-my-favourite Suit, the Sword Impulse. So I took the DVD home and popped it in the DVD player.

There he is.
That’s kinda cool.
impulse 2
I gotta build this kit!

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  1. Z says:

    Hey hey, congratulations on the new site! It looks awesome 😀 Love your galleries page too! Everything looks pro.

    Have fun watching Destiny and forming your own opinion about it. I’ll keep my mouth closed about it and I hope others will do the same so they won’t ruin/spoil or plant any negative SEEDs in your head about the series.

    Sword Impulse is indeed awesome and the so is the Master Grade! Should definitely get to it ASAP ^^. I love mine! It’s like one of my favorites… haha.

  2. Busterbeam says:

    f yeah! sword impulse is so great! new site looks great man. good job

  3. megasaki says:

    sweet love the site. hope you enjoy gundam seed! Hope you check out the other series too ( i reccoment 00 hehe)

  4. syd says:

    Hi megasaki. I hope to have time to sample the differen gundam anime series. I’ve watched some 0083 and the first part of Unicorn so far. Wing seems interesting as well

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