Gaijin Gunpla

In a big way!
I just finished watching the Gundam Unicorn Anime and all I can say is, “Holy $&%#!”

Of course, I already like the Mobile Suit designs from the series having built the Unicorn and Sinanju but what most caused my jaw to drop, and have me instantly hooked on Gundam anime, was seeing the Kshatriya in action. That thing is awesome! The model kit was my first exposure to that suit and I thought it looked big and cumbersome. Man, was I totally wrong.
For its size and weight this thing can maneuver. Now I want to build that kit!
I pledge allegiance to Gundam, and the anime on which the kits are based, one whole-lotta-awesome, indescribable, with epic and mecha for all.

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  1. Burn says:

    Have you watch the trailer for Episode 2? Can’t wait for it to be available in Malaysia

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