Gaijin Gunpla

Tomorrow being a holiday in Japan Bandai shipped its new releases a day early so I was able to get my hands on the newest Master Grade, the Deathscythe EW Version, earlier than originally expected. Allow me to show you.

First off, I’m really digging the cover artwork. The Wing had great art, too but I think the Deathscythe’s might be even better.

Inside we’ve got runners! Due to the color scheme on the Deathscythe there are more smaller runners rather than just the larger runners as found in the Wing kit. Yay!

And here’s the scythe, itself. Not sure yet whether the green does it for me.

And the manual is slightly different from the Wing Gundam as well. You can see that the Deathscythe has been placed over a white background. Looks good, too!

I shall start on you soon…

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  1. traviss says:

    I got mine already!

  2. jeppa says:

    I want one too…

    Will you give it a custom paintjob?

    • syd says:

      Hi Jeppa,

      I had wanted to paint it when I first saw the prototype but the color scheme has grown on me so I am not sure I want to change it that much. Time will tell.

  3. Rod says:

    Could you tell me a website that shows the new releases?

  4. Sei says:

    waiting for my Pre-order to ship… oohhhh, i can’t wait…

  5. Sonar says:

    It’s nice looking box art. I think it is the new font that does it for me. Are you still going to have a crack at building wings for it?

  6. Vamp says:

    Can’t wait to receive my pre-order to ship.

    Also, I am hoping that someone would cast a resin wing for this kit and sell it…well, only time can tell 🙂

  7. Paul Loubser says:

    I’am very very keen and i love the styling on it, is it me or is the styling very ver KA considering its not subtitled as a ver ka kit.

    Loving the box art 😀 and I’am sure Bandai will do a winged version ala Endless waltz Death custom, like they have done with so many other kits in the past. (full cloth crossbone, strike noir)

    The question is will Bandai be doing all of em Sandrock, Tallgeese (hope) nataku etc

    Cos that would be awesome to have a full range of the wing Gundams as MG, all together they would display very well.

  8. John Logan McKee says:

    Can’t wait to see the build.

  9. Dill-n says:

    Im really hoping they release the redesigns for Shenlong, Heavyarms, and Sandrock too. I agree that all five would make awesome display pieces.

  10. What happened in Haiti and Japan recently is absolutely horrendous, and you can be damn sure its convinced me to go out and buy some emergency kit

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