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Syd being the nice guy he is bought me the Kshatriya as thanks for helping him with his site. I first saw the Kshatriya on this site and immediately liked it. Of course it helped that the first one I saw was the insane yellowbird. If you saw my first 2 posts you would know that the Gundam legacy doesn’t interest me as much as the kits just looking badass.

This kit did not disappoint. It is not the Big-O but it is a big boy. With that being said I was surprised how quick it took me to finish this. I worked on it for about an hour on Friday night then woke up and finished it in the morning. That includes the small breaks I took to watch those Korean Girls dance. Easy. I didn’t expect to have this finished so soon.

The protective shells are massive and has a lot of potential with posing. Also I think this would be great if somebody painted it and gave it some mods (hint hint Syd).

One thing I really didn’t like was the stickers. The were very difficult to apply them straight because you have bend them over the curve making it look really tacky in person. The photos look fine with the stickers but I left them off to save the Kshatriya’s dignity.

This girl will look really nice on my desk!

(I even had one my friends join me in the build.)

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  1. mastertmg says:

    glad the box was useful to someone.

  2. Dan says:

    Nice work, you’re really getting into gunpla now aren’t you? Now I want to build a Kshatriya too! It really is a good looking kit. As you mentioned, I’m hoping to see a S-squared version sometime soon.

  3. traviss says:

    I am, that precipice I talked about in my first point is no longer in front of me but I am on my down into the world of Gunpla. I am already thinking of the next kit I want (I am thinking the new Death Scythe, or a Freedom Gundam). Also I am definitely getting the new real grade.

  4. kojack says:

    why don’t you try to repaint this model?
    that will look awesome

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