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I am new to the Gundam world. By new, I mean I literally never heard the word Gundam before joining HLJ. What!?!? How could that be? Well I don’t have an explanation. I grew up watching Spiderman, Superman, and Gargoyles. When I first saw Syd’s desk I had no idea what those robots were and wasn’t really impressed. Fast forward a couple months and I thought I would try my first kit. I chose none other than the S.A.F.S Snowman. Little did I know building a kit (even as easy as that one was purported to be) took time and more importantly patience.

A couple of train wrecks later (and some thrown away MaK kits) I decided painting wasn’t for me…right now. Eventually Syd sent me links to some cool ‘looking’ Gundam kits. The first one that caught my eye was the Wing Gundam! I have no idea regarding the history or details of the kit but it looked badass….and it was! Despite this heat in Japan I enjoyed putting it together. I didn’t do any modifications and I hate most of the weapons (cut to Syd sighing) so my build was right out of the box.

I am not hooked yet to Gundam but I am on the precipice. I have already purchased the Real Grade and plan on getting the Kshatriya. Badass.

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  1. Syd says:

    Great post!

  2. Sonar says:

    Welcome to Gunpla, mystery person xD… How’s about an introduction? Gunpla doesn’t have to be addictive for everyone. It usually is, but being casually interested, well, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Your Wing looks cool dude.

  3. traviss says:

    Thanks, I enjoyed building it. My name is Traviss and I work with Syd at Hobbylink Japan. I saw Syd’s blog and thought he should “legitimize” so I agreed to put together this site for him. For my efforts Syd was nice enough to buy me perhaps the coolest looking Gundam yet, the Kshatriya!

  4. Busterbeam says:

    sound similar to how i started too. saw a gundam on my friends desk over 15 years ago. he said its called ‘gundam’ and my friend bought it for me in japan. after that i bought one for myself. and thats how it all started.

  5. Samshio says:

    I got into Gundam years ago watching Gundam Wing on Toonami but I never realized that they made Gunpla kits of the models that you could build. I bought a few HG 1/144 kits from the Wing series and now my interest have gone to more Gundam series and the collection has grown to HG 1/100 and Master Grades 🙂

  6. revidatwork says:

    I just got into gunpla too. My first one – finished assembling and panel lining last week – is a 1/100 MG Wing Gundam. I have some experience with the gundam anime, which my first model is from, since it aired on television here in my country many years ago. I remember Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) saying something (I think it was on their dvd or online behind the scene stuff) about those puppets that can be seen in the beginning of their music clip ‘Somewhere I belong’ that they where from an anime called Gundam. Until then I never knew they had puppets of that great show that you can build yourself. Now, a couple of years later, I have the means – thanks to hobbylink japan & – to start building these myself.

    Nice job on your first one. Which one’s gonna be next? The Real Grade RX-78-2 or the Kshatriya – which indeed looks badass – ? Looking forward to see them both.

  7. […] you know from my first post I am new to Gundam and chose the new Real Grade solely due to the hype. The Gundam itself […]

  8. Shaomu says:

    Ha, I remember my first gunpla…I was ten, and had just found a sale on First Grade Wing Gundam kits for 7$CAD at the furthest London Drugs I had been to at the time. I thought they looked awesome, and spent the next half-hour deciding whether to get the Wing or the Sandrock, and I picked the wing. Got home, unboxed it very uncarefully, pulled all the parts out, and built it OOB without cleaning any nubs. Slapped the stickers on everywhere, and marveled at my first hand-built action figure. Two months later, the leg joints snapped while I was messing with it, so I, stupidly, threw it in the trash, and decided to stick to my Transformers. Three years later, I find the first hobby shop I had ever seen, and I bought an Armored Core (Variable Infinity kit series) Crest CR-C840/UL. Second kit ever, went from a thirty-piece kit to a two hundred fifty part kit. Best choice ever, seriously.

  9. wiley coyote says:

    I really didn’t know about gundam when i started
    I was playing lots of ARMORED CORE when my girlfriend found a 1/144 RX-78 kit at the local rescue mission
    I got hooked to the gunpla BUG right away. I did look up gundam anime after that and love the series too.
    Needless to say I’m up to about 91 kits so far with 3 from dragon con waiting to get started. Have not got the guts to do a PERFECT GRADE yet but I have made 3 or 4 dioramas so far.
    LOVE THE SITE and its got inspired to try out some new mods and ideas
    keep it coming loving the ideas

  10. kojack says:

    welcome to the gunpla world.
    Once you get trapped here, you’ll find a lot of fun.

  11. Tony says:

    I’ve built a handful of kits to seriously varying degrees of success and to varying degrees of additional work. I’ve built the RX-78-2 Gundam, Gundam NT-1 Alex, Burning Gundam (my only 1/100 HG), currently working on D-Hell Custom, got the RX-79 Gundam vs MS-06J Zaku II kit up next and I’ve been sitting on the MG Wing Gundam Ver.Ka for… uhhh… 5 years…. Some of my best are the ones I didn’t try to do a ton of work to – my RX-78 looks nice and simple because I didn’t mess with it, while my Burning Gundam looks kinda… tacky, I guess… from trying too much. I’m trying something a bit different with the D-Hell Custom and painting it almost entirely black instead of black with gray/white. Who knows, might look like crap, but its a learning experience, right?

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