Gaijin Gunpla

As you know from my first post I am new to Gundam and chose the new Real Grade solely due to the hype. The Gundam itself doesn’t look that amazing but the size and novelty of the new grade convinced me to give it a shot.

I think for a new Gundam enthusiast this Real Grade was not the way to go. I got through it okay because I can read Japanese but for a new person with no Japanese ability the task is daunting. I do not recommend this for noobs (again, based on my experience).

What I did like about it was the subtle off color that hid the lines (and my mistakes). The stickers were also really nice because they were shaped to fit the area it was intended to go on making it really difficult to tell stickers had been applied.

Again I was not too impressed with the weapons but found it was much better than the Wing Gundam. The shield is cool. I want to eventually build a Zaku and will go with the next Real Grade due to the pleasant experience I had with this guy.

When time permits I will try to tackle the Kshatriya.

I took some pictures, please mind the cat hair.

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  1. revidatwork says:

    Nice job. You think it would be easier for non Japanese speaking/reading newbs to follow Syd’s how to on I’ve been thinking to start with the real grade series. But since you’r saying the task would be daunting for someone like me, I don’t want to buy a kit that I’m not gonna have fun building it.

  2. traviss says:

    Maybe I should not have used the word ‘daunting’. I would say ‘intimating’ (if that helps) compared to a non real grade. It was certainly fun to build because there are so many parts; for me putting all those little parts together and seeing the final product gave me much greater sense of accomplishment than my first Gundam. The end results looks so much more intricate than the Wing Gundam (again, I am a noob only 2 Gundams in). is a good place to start. Fortunately for me I have direct access to Syd.

  3. halostrike says:

    Great job. My advice would be the more you build, the less intimidating the number of parts would look. Wait till you try building a PG kit, then you will understand how scary they can be.

  4. Nick says:

    Well, actually I’m building this kit as my first and can’t read Japanese. >.> <.<

  5. Dexter says:

    In my case, this was my first Gundam build. The reason why I picked this up as my first kit the sales guy told me it had good details, lots of moveable parts. When I open up this box, oh boy! I was surprised it had a lot of pieces. This was my first time. It can be intimidating but if you like challenges then you’ll be happy once your done building it. Now, i’m planning to buy RG Zaku II and RG Aile Strike. ^_^

  6. Sunny says:

    TBH, this kit is what brought me back to Gunpla after a ten year stop/pase from it. It looked sooo cool and intricate that I wanted to build it asap. I regard myself as a decent modeler, having some experience with normal models, and a couple of dozen gunpla kits before I stopped building.
    This kit was very fun to build and I agree that seeing it finished and top coated I really liked it, even more so than the MG kits that I finished those many years ago (Master Gundam, V2).
    This is not really a kit for the new ppl who are trying to get into the hobby, but then again it’s probably the best engineered kit at the moment. I haven’t done the RG Zaku yet, but I ordered it and the Aile Strike from HLJ so maybe ill have to readjust my opinion :P.

  7. Lester says:

    That’s sillay 🙂 most people building gunpla overseas don’t know any japanese at all, which is why Bandai always makes their instructions easy to understand with pictures. This might seem rude, but I don’t think that point is valid at all..

    Otherwise, nice work on your first kit :O

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