Gaijin Gunpla


Look at this beauty. Although I got my hands on this kit a couple weeks ago I hadn’t yet taken the time to start on it, despite opening up the plastic bags so I could use the runners to spell GAIJIN, for the banner for this site. Well, the other day I watched the Sword Impulse in action and now I am ready to go!

Right away the manual has you starting on the Core Defender. Usually I hurry through the build for these little accessories, but this one seems rather interesting so I should take my time, でしょう。

What you see is what you get. These pieces fit tightly together so a sharp hobby knife is a must, I think.

Here’s the top half of the Core Defender. Those little white pieces on the top move, too. I sense some kind of transformation…

And the wings move in and out. Yup, transformation. I can sense it coming.

And here it is completed. I rather like the shape. It’s short but sleek and looks capable of high speed maneuvering.

And the mountable rockets (?)


Blue? Hmm.

Not too much to note on the frame except for one portion I would like to draw your attention to, mostly because I didn’t pay attention when I was building that portion and almost wrecked the kit (already).

Here’s the part of the manual which indicates that piece I-2 should go in like this:
Not like this (which is what I did):

When I assembled the frame with this piece incorrectly the arm shoulder articulation was very limited and I know right away I had done something wrong. So I thought I would just disassemble the shoulder joint. Not so. It would not come apart. I grabbed my file and used it to pry the piece apart, but, SNAP, the tip of the file broke off!

Eventually I managed to get the pieces apart, turned around, and assembled properly. The shoulder joint now functions properly, but I’m afraid Mr. Impulse will never play the piano again.

And to finish off this entry here are the pieces for the neck.

Quite a bit of movement. I wonder how much it will be limited once the armor is one.

And the hatch on the torso opens in a rather cool way.

I’m digging this kit already.

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    its good man. you’re going to love it

  2. G.G. says:

    So you have begun on this kit! Do your stuff and is going to turn out great.

  3. Tember says:

    This is a great kit! I have it sitting in my closet awaiting my attention. I love Gundam Seed and Destiny. A lot of drama, but also some great kits that I would like to see made.

  4. mangyver5223 says:

    That’s not Core Defender. It’s Core Splendor 🙂

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