Gaijin Gunpla

The next step on the Sword Impulse build is the head assembly. I really like the look of this kit’s head and think it gives it a rather menacing look right off. The design, I have found, is quite good as well.

The head armor is only two halves while the design allows you to paint the inside of the vents whatever color you like before putting it together. Will I be removing seam lines? Hmm…

Here are all the parts I need to assemble this beauty. Anyone who has assembled a Master Grade before knows what they are looking at.

So let’s put this part here:

And add the facemask:

Then comes the sticker on the clear part. I have opted to attach it to the front half of the helmet rather than the back half. Doesn’t really make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

And just like that, Bam! An assembled head.

I really, really, really (my English teacher from high school would kill me for using the same adjective three times in a row) like the look of this kit!

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  1. Sonar says:

    It’s a fierce looking head. I think the V fins contribute a lot to that.

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