Gaijin Gunpla

Yes, I went ahead and bought the single for the 少女時代 Genie song. I bought it for the DVD music video of course.

So now I can make no secret of my love, some would say infatuation, for 少女時代. Of course, they’re beautiful, and young, and dancing, but I see that all the time with music videos here in Japan. So why is it so 魅力的 (fascinating, captivating)? Maybe it’s just the choreography. Ya, that must be it.

So I raced home with it like Charlie with his Golden Ticket and threw it into my DVD player. Let’s watch.

There she is! My favorite!

Sailor outfit alert!

She intrigues me as well. Actually, 8 of the 9 of them intrigue me.

There they are on my big screen TV. 42 inches, baby! I think I should stop there.

If, by some odd chance, you want to watch the music video yourself… どうぞ

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  1. Dan says:

    Great purchase! Jessica and Yoona are my favorites as well. Curious to know what your missus thinks about you new infatuation. Hehe…

  2. Tom says:

    geez BB, you introducing us to girl bands one after another. xD

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