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The Worktable
Welcome to the new monthly blog segment simply titled “The Work Table”.

It occurred to me as I was moving boxes around my work room and trying to figure out what I would be building and in what order that those following this blog might be just as confused, or even more so, than I am. Well, I am aiming to post on the first of every month what I am working on, what I have to work on, and what I want to work on. Or rather, what is “On the Work Table”, “Under the Work Table”, and “Coming to the Work Table”.

On the Work Table

HG Avalanche Exia Dash
exia dash box
Now that I have completed the MG Wing Gundam for I am going to get back to the kit that I assembled while on vacation.
dash parts
I’ve cleaned the parts, separated them by color, and already started on the painting and modifications (more on that in an upcoming post.) I don’t plan on doing anything too elaborate with this kit, possibly because I left it sitting for a few weeks while working on other projects and lost the fire I had for it. But it will still be an S2 version. 😉

Under the Work Table

I’m pretty sure that this will be the longest part of each monthly post. Basically, this is my backlog and, as most Gunplars know, the backlog is not something that gets smaller. After the Exia build (or during), I will be starting on some of these. So what have I got piled up under the work table?

Real Grade RX-78-2
RG 2
Yup. There are two of them. I have already built the Real Grade Gundam for Gunpla TV, but because I was building this for a program I didn’t really get to take my time and enjoy the build. To be honest, assembling this thing in under two hours took it out of me and I didn’t feel like doing it again. However, after visiting the 1/1 Gundam in Shizuoka and seeing it in all its glory once again, I felt I really wanted to build a kit that reminded me of the Shizuoka Gundam and the feelings it conjured up. But… I have for some time wanted to do an RX-78-2 in Real Type Color. So let’s do two at the same time! I will be building the regular color version as a series of posts on (and will be working on some kind of base) and the Real Type Color version for this blog. It should be fun! (I hope…)

After that it’s the…

MG Sword Impulse
sword impulse
This kit caught my eye when it first came out but I was busy with other things and each time I remembered it and wanted to pick it up it was out of stock. When they finally came back into stock last month I grabbed one right away. I really like the look of this suit and, at this time, have no plans for modifications other than paint, but I love the box art and will maybe try to make a base for it to try to replicate the image. Wish me luck.

MG Musha Mk-II Tokugawa Ieyasu Ver.
tokugawa mkii
Picked this up in Shizuoka when visiting the 1/1. Yup, it’s a limited edition version of the Master Grade Musha Mk-II that I just finished building. Sure, it’s the same kit, but the included stickers and unique color means I don’t feel the need to change anything. When I have some spare time I can just take my time and snap this together.

MG Zaku Cannon
zaku cannon
I was teased recently because, although I’ve had this kit for what seems like a year I haven’t even gotten around to taking the lid off the box. The irony of the situation is that the person doing the teasing, who said “You will never build that kit!”, is now legendary for his enormous backlog. We’re talking a huge amount of kits! This is a good lead in to the next kits under the work table…

RX-178 ‘Gundam’ Mk-II
(Ecopla 限定)

HGUC RX121 -1 TR-1 Hazel Custom
The Ecopla Mk-II was picked up in Shizuoka along with the Tokugawa Ieyasu Mk-II. I’ll throw some paint on it and perhaps alter a few things but it should be fun build on its own. The Hazel Custom, however, was picked up in Akihabara back in February with the intention of it being a group build project. The individual who wanted to build this with me is the same one who chided me on the Zaku Cannon and who has not yet gotten around to his, either. Oh, irony. How you make me smile.

Coming to the Work Table

Probably the kit I am most excited to build is the MG Gundam Deathscythe EW Version. I have heard some grumbings around the net that it doesn’t have its wings, but c’mon now, it’s a plastic model. Build the wings yourself. Well, that’s what I intend to try to do.

I also have my sights on the HG Sinanju as well as the HG Delta Plus. And then PG Strike Freedom this winter!

In a month’s time, let’s see how my Work Table looks.

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  1. Sonar says:

    Good reading. I like the idea of this series. It reminds me how much Gunpla TV I have to catch up on as well. Got a little disenchanted when my comments disappeared but I do enjoy watching it.

    I was attracted to the Sword Impulse for the box art alone. That was a good moment of action in the series.

    The twin build is a task in itself. Twice as much of everything to do.. I’ve done it before with an HG kit and it took some everlovin time. Good luck!

    I for one have been an exception to the rule this year, my backlog has steadily declined. It feels good. I hate the idea of having had a kit for a length of time that stretches into the years and never having done anything about it. Seems like a wasted purchase. The psychology of stockpiling kits interests me. Why do we do it? Is it part of the initial infatuation where we buy up all the things we thing look cool and then get caught up in the hype of the new releases as well? Why do I have to have MG ReZel as soon as it comes out? Why can’t I wait until I’ve worked through my backlog and buy it then, for probably 10-15,00 yen cheaper? Gunpla is an unrelenting mistress…

  2. Dennis Sullivan says:

    WOW thats alot of work… To think I felt that my plate was full….

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