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Kit: MG Wing Gundam

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  1. Sonar says:

    Man I love the gold. Fantastic work. Bit too heavy on the panel lines around the chest vents and shoulder thingys, but apart from that a really nice build. I am particularly fond of that shield.

  2. Asian1skill says:

    damn looking good and yes i agree da gold is looking good

  3. Jun says:

    That’s one sexy lookin Wing Gundam you have there. Did you airbrush or spray paint it and I’m curious to what paints you used? Lovin the Blue and Gold plus the different tones you used for the Buster Rifle.

  4. syd says:


    I used Tamiya Mica Blue and Mica Red and Pearl White. The gold is Tamiya Silver leaf covered by a coat of Orange Clear. It turned out looking very good considering I just hit it with spray cans. I’m quite impressed with this model as a whole.


    Ya, I overdid the panel lines on the shoulder emblems but I had a bit of a deadline so didn’t have time to go back in and fix it.

  5. yo_ming says:

    been a recent visitor to your site. love your work and the photos. just one teeny-weeny suggestion to improve on the photos: try using an action base when posing your kits. some kits were meant to be “flying” compared to posing on the ground.

    other than that, keep up the good work. wish i could paint like you. ^^

  6. syd says:

    Hi yo_ming,

    I cannot disagree with you. 😉 I knowingly admit that my gundam posing skills still need work. I had intended to use a stand for the Wing Gundam photos but lost the piece that connects the Wing to the stand so had to use all standing shots. Next time!

  7. wangzi says:

    i am just wondering, what kinds of paint did you use for your buster rifle, and what kind of topcoat did you use?
    and lastly, how did you paint so well! xD

  8. syd says:

    I use tamiya lacquer spray cans for most of my painting and the topcoat is Mr Hobby gloss topcoat. As for my painting ability, lots of practice. Here’s a video of how I usually paint.

  9. rs says:

    i was wondering what paint did you use for the chest piece? 🙂

  10. rs says:

    or any other part where you used for the green light. thanks!

    • syd says:

      Hi RS,

      For the chest piece I used green Aurora stickers. I try to use those for chest pieces and rifle scopes, etc.

  11. hart says:

    Excellent kit, with those photos are giving me ideas for painting my wing no grade, bye

  12. ClayCannonII says:

    Can this transform?

  13. Tony says:

    Wow! Fantastic paint job, that gold is just perfect. I really need to figure out a way to get an area somewhere in my house (or garage, more likely) that I could spray paint in… My patience with brush paints and paint markers is beginning to get a bit on the low side, but they’re the easiest to use in the space I’ve got.

  14. Tony says:

    I bought some Testor’s flat black spray paint a few days ago to try it out on the couple swappable parts of the EW D-Hell Custom, and oh. my. god. Spray looks incomparably better than every other paint method I’ve tried or seen. Its fantastic! I’d been leaning away from starting to use sprays simply because it would be inconvenient to have to keep going outside to spray, but the results are so worth it after all. I’ll be practicing more soon on a few HG kits I’ve got (RX-79, Zaku II and EW Wing Zero Custom) and then I think I’ll finally be ready to build the MG Wing Ver.Ka I’ve had for like 5 years, thanks in no small part to finding this site (and a couple others) and getting back into the hobby.

  15. Zenstrive says:

    Much better looking than the eye poison that is version Ka 😐

  16. Rapture says:

    Oh my god, coming here and looking at this made me realize I forgot that red part of the v-fin. I always thought the head looked wimpy and now it’s so much better.

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