Gaijin Gunpla

So today I get on an airplane and head to Canada where I will spend a week visiting with family and old friends and taking a (much needed?) break from Japan.

I’ve been scheduling posts to keep the site updated while I am gone but I hope to check regularly while on vacation. A vacation from work and Japan but not necessarily Gunpla and blogging. Ha!

I did work on the Sword Impulse just recently.

I started with the rifle.

Then put together the shield.

Interestingly, when it is in this mode the shield cannot open. The grey frame piece that hold the edges of the shield away from the rest of the shield must lock the shield in place somehow.

Not really feeling it. Gimme a shield that’s a shield.

Once you have the shield assembled the manual shows you how to make the ‘Chest Flyer’. Erm.. what?

It took a bit of messing around for me to get the shoulder to work properly but finally he was.. um.. chest flying…

Enjoy the next week everyone! I know I will. I’m taking someone with me…

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  1. Dill-n says:

    Enjoy your break. I also agree about the shield, it kinda looks like a sled.

  2. Z says:

    Hey, have a great vacation and enjoy your time with your family ^^.

  3. Tom says:

    Beginning Gundam huh… not alot of people like that design… maybe because it’s too round instead of being sharp and angular(?)…

  4. Dan says:

    Happy holidays! Hope you have a great time in Canada and maybe spread the Gunpla virus to some off your friends and family 😉

  5. sonar says:

    Have fun back home and have a safe trip!

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