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Returning home from Akiba the other night I was excited to pounce on the 限定 ANA 00 Raiser I had just received. “It’s an HG. I can build it in an hour or so”, I thought. Well, this is quite the HG!

Here’s the contents of the box.

Just like the 限定 ANA RX-78-2 this kit is extra finish!

Even the stand is different from the HG version.

This HG comes with a good amount of stickers.

And the ANA markings are plentiful as well.

Alas, I did not finish this kit in an hour. 😉 I was an hour and a half into it and had just completed the 00 Gundam and the first part of the Raiser when I decided to shut it down. But last night I was at it again and completed the 00 Raiser in a short amount of time and then was able to slow down and take my time on the ANA markings. I did make a couple mistakes with the stickers. “Perhaps no one will notice”, I hoped.

00 Gundam


Looks cool as a fighter. Taken apart and stacked onto the 00? Jury’s still out on that one.

I vote yes.

I vote…

The stickers are well done just like the previous ANA gundam and look great.

If you want to see more of this fly guy, here’s a mini-gallery.

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  1. Jesta says:

    I didn’t know that there was an ANA 00 Raiser! And I had planned on my first custom paint job being something like this, too… Well, there’s always my old plan.
    You really can’t do much with an extra finish kit, can you? It still looks good, but every little thing shows. Except for wherever you messed up with the sticker, I can’t see anything of the sort.

  2. sonar says:

    Nice looking kit. I do love a good bit of 限定

    I like the look of the O-Raiser on its own, and I’m not normally a fighter fan.

  3. madmoz says:

    Hmm… are those undergates that i see on them runners?

  4. ren says:

    ninja build!! XD really liked how the extra coating turned out… very reflective. extra bling! looks really cool on photos. wish i could grab one of this… thanks to ASM for the previous time, i was able to get the 1/48 Mega size RX-78-2 ANA ver. too.. =D jus finished painting it not long ago. its on the right side of my blog under Gunpla Collection if you would like to see.. ^^ cheers!

  5. divinelight says:

    woah, this is really far better than original 00-riser color and more fit the color than RX-78 ANA

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