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This morning, as part of my job (yay!) I headed off to the Makuhari Messe Exhibition Center in Chiba to take in the 50th All Japan Model Hobby Show. I took three cameras. Well, two cameras and an iPhone. The iPhone was meant to be used to update the site as frequently as possible, unfortunately there were some technical issues and the wordpress app for the iPhone was a little hit or miss. I also was carrying the big 7D camera for work as well as my own, puny in comparison, camera for my own personal pictures. Because I was there in a work capacity I really didn’t get a chance to take my own shots until the end which means I was rushing around with about 20 minutes left trying to get as much stuff as I could. Hence, the blurriness in some pictures.

As you can easily find this same information elsewhere I will refrain from posting lots of details and just give you a whole mess of pictures.

As it was the first day there was a special opening ceremony involving the heads of some of the major model companies such as Hasegawa, Tamiya, etc.

The view as you enter. Only one hall was used which seems rather pale when compared to the Tokyo Auto Show that takes places here.

Right away I headed in the direction of the Bandai booth! And there I gazed upon the glory that is the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam.

Here’s what to expect in the box.

Here is Mr. Kishiyama Hirofumi, the leader of ‘Product Planning Team 2’ at Bandai.

I was introduced to him and we exchanged business cards. He is very approachable and allowed himself to be interviewed as well.

Katoki Markings!

ANA Raiser (this guy looks kinda familiar)

Mega Size ANA

The next joint project between ANA and Bandai looks to be the ANA Jet.

Mega Size Zaku. (thought I had a better pic of this.)

MG ReZEL (transformable!)

HGUC Sinanju (gold foils look good)

00 Qan[T] (the more I see this the more I like it)

Perhaps the biggest news from the show was the samples they had of more Master Grade kits from Wing Endless Waltz.

Deathscythe (now with wings!)


Heavy Arms (not doing it for me)

Sandrock (this one has potential)

Shenlong (hmm. maybe?)

The new Real Grade MS-06S Zaku II (looks and feels just like the RX-78-2)

Some nifty dioramas.

HG Gundam X Divider (I kinda like it)

HG Gouf Custom (comes with quite a bit of stuff)

Extreme Gundam (or something to that effect)

HG GM Custom

Kits from Gunpla Builders.

And some colorful kits.


Broken Blade kits.

5 Star Stories (these kits really caught my attention. Perhaps there is one in my future…)


other things I noticed.

And now, after living this long day over again by way of creating this blog entry, I am heading to bed.

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  1. Jesta says:

    Man, everything looks so good. I feel the same way about the Quan[T], and I’m starting to seriously think about the Freedom…
    That 1/48 Zaku looks much better than the Gundam, I think I’ll be getting it. MG ReZEL, RG Zaku, HG X Divider, Gouf Custom, Zaku F2000… So many good kits! I think I’m going to really get into Gunpla Builders, I can’t wait to get Beginning and the Zaku.

  2. John Logan McKee says:

    I like the Extreme Gundam, is that a guitar and case or a weapon system? LOL
    Like the Zaku F2000, pretty cool.

  3. sonar says:

    Great pics! Man what a great job. You are truly living the dream! Love the jet stream attack dio.

  4. Tom says:

    whoa, two cameras and an iphone… your neck and/or arms must have been tired after that day.
    you forgot some things like the ReZEL commander type and gn-x IV…

    • Tom says:

      Also, sandrock, heavy arms, and shenlong they had on display are 1/100 that are modified to show what they could potentially look like, i think…

  5. syd says:

    Hey Tom,

    I never saw the ReZEL Commander. It was only shown in a Bandai catalogue that you could pick up at the Bandai booth.

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