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One of the kits I have left for a bit, but have not forgotten, is the HG Delta Plus. I picked out the colors I wanted to use but was unsure exactly how I wanted it to look. Then I stumbled across something cool on Fichten Foo Forum when I was looking at various Deathscythes.

I thought this scheme was very cool and I wanted to try it out for myself.  However, I’m not going to totally steal his idea and do that to my Deathscythe so I instead decided I could use this scheme on the Delta Plus.  I only had 6 mm and 10 mm masking tape on hand so I laid out a strip of the 10mm across my cutting board and cut it into narrower widths.

Then I laid them out on the armour pieces in a way that I hoped looked random but still was spread out evenly across the pieces.

I’ll show the different sections of the suit. Let me know if something seems off.

The skirt:

You can see the parts are not done symmetrically. That is by design.

The upper body:

The legs:

This was probably the most fun.

The shield:

The wings:

I put him back together again to get an idea of the overall look and decide whether I wanted to add, subtract, or change anything.

Looks good to me. I even snuck something in there.

Once that was finished I disassembled him into the separate parts for painting and even managed to find a few moments to paint the dark pieces.

Once the masking was removed the result was:

So far so good. Now I need this typhoon to go away so I can paint the next set of pieces. I also will be painting the frame and adding some after market parts.

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  1. GNSquacker says:

    looks good
    i personally think you shoula maskes a lil more on the arms
    and the toe area
    but thats me

  2. zoidiect says:

    woah~! nice one! i did the same to my HGUC Jegan, but had yet to paint it ^^;;;

  3. sonar says:

    I see what you did there!! Nice man. I really like that pattern on the deathscythe. It will work well on the D+ for sure. Hope your fam’s all ok mate. Best wishes and health to you all.

  4. Busterbeam says:

    i saw this done on gamera baenre’s resin gouf custom conversion. its works. and it looks great

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