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As many have noticed by now, Gaijin Gunpla has begun posting reviews of Gundam kits both old and new. As I build kits I want to present my thoughts on the kit and give people something helpful on which to make purchasing decisions and also be one of the first to do so in English!

I tend to review kits based on my experience building mainly master grade kits so that’s my reference point. That said I have been building more and more HG so I have some basis to use for comparison. I have decided to test build each kit I work on then post my thoughts in the form of a review before I start all the modifications and painting I may do to it.

You will see we have divided the review into different evaluative categories (some thanks to you guys!) You’ll see them represented in the bar graph at the beginning of the review.

Overall Look
This is based on the final appearance of the assembled kit. Does it look badass? Or is it lacking due to not only a less than stellar design but also some things Bandai could have done better?

Is the default color scheme cool? Has Bandai included enough parts to accurately match the color of the suit in the box art and the anime?

What does Bandai give you and what could they have included? Are the weapons designed with gimmicks and do they fit with the kit well or did Bandai just give you a hunk of plastic?

This is a key point. Does it hold itself up well and can it assume a variety of poses? Does the design limit what you can do with it once it’s built? Can you replicate the poses you see in the anime?

Build Design
Another key point. How does the kit go together? Is it unnecessarily difficult? Are there too many pieces making it tedious or not enough making it boring? What do you watch out for?

Fun Factor
Perhaps the most important category. Was it fun to build? Did I want to quit halfway through? Were there surprises along the way?

What did Bandai include with the kit that increased the cool factor? Could it have included other things to make the kit more functional or the weapon swapping simpler, for example?

Above the graph is a percentage and this is the Gaijin Gunpla Score

Let us know what you think. Is a kit over-rated or under-rated? Be sure to comment with your thoughts so Gaijin Gunpla can continue to improve on its content. Thanks to some comments we have already received I was able to make changes for the better to our early review format.


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  1. traviss says:

    Being a noob I have no problem taking suggestions. Please chip in with advice on how to make my kit builds better.

    • Gamedingo says:

      When will we be seeing another review by Traviss? Seems like it’s been awhile since the last one…

      • traviss says:

        Yes you will. I actually finished the Death Scythe well before Syd but by the time I was ready to post he had posted his review so will wait awhile. I just finished the MG Hi-Nu and will be posting a review soon.

  2. madmoz says:

    I know of a crappy piece of plastic engineering that’ll probably score close to zero on most of the categories 🙂
    Strangely though, the itch to get more releases from her ‘clan’ seems to be coming back!

  3. madmoz says:

    It will be nice to have an English alternative to Dalong. No more disjointed crappy automated English translations. Although getting each and every HG and MG release will be painful! Not to mention the mad dash to snap fit them as soon as possible.

  4. Rob says:

    I like the review style, and will be adopting a similar form for my reviews as I think it hits all the important points. No point system for mine though because I’m still not sure what would set the standard for a 1 & 10.

  5. sl619 says:

    u could add some omake sometimes to make it funny and interesting like gunpla-inochi does it. =)

  6. GNSquacker says:

    Hey Syd and Traviss,
    If you would head to my wordpress, or Youtube account (GNSquacker)
    yo would see that I’m doing an Exia collaboration. I would REALLY like it if you joined me. I’ve entered my own MG Exia
    here is the wip
    search Exia Collaboration on my site for the rules
    actually, here

  7. syd says:

    Looks great and the project seems interesting. I am in over my head with kits right now as it is, but Traviss has previously mentioned an interest in the Exia, maybe he can be persuaded.

  8. traviss says:

    While I wouldn’t mind putting something up someday I have never painted a kit. My first shot at painting will be the Kshatriya. Let me get some kit modifications (including painting) under my belt first.

  9. GNSquacker says:

    Sounds good. Would December 1st be a good due date? or would the end of December work better? Or what would work better for you guys?

    • syd says:

      Let me think about it a little. I don’t know if I could do an MG Exia but I could do an HG. I have already built the Exia Dash but I should build a new one for your competition if I wanted to join it.

  10. traviss says:

    Just for the record, I don’t speak for Syd. I am just a crustacean hanging on the vast underbelly that is Syd’s site. He tolerates me only because I have the keys to the safe.

  11. Busterbeam says:

    hey i like how you guys are doing this now. i think the percentages really reflect how you guys feel about the kits. nice job!

  12. Haikal says:

    what do you think about TT Hongli Produts?and cursing is allowed

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