Gaijin Gunpla

Now that the test build is complete, and I have some time, I can review this nifty HG GPB-X80 kit. For starters, while there is nothing truly out of the ordinary in regards to this kit, it is an enjoyable build with some interesting points.

Overall look : 7/10

This design is a departure from the kind of kits I like to build. I prefer symmetrical kits and while this kit is symmetrical the asymmetrical shield changes the look of the entire kit. But it doesn’t put me off. If anything it draws more attention to itself overall. Another interesting aspect of the look of the kit is the various angles and curves and often it appears to be made up of little triangles, which is quite different from the usual square block looks to other Gundams. I still think it looks similar to the Turn A.
Stickers are included to add some more color to this kit, and there are panel lines aplenty for you to tackle.

Colors : 6/10

While I think Bandai can’t go wrong with the same red, white & blue they’ve been using for so long, I am a little disappointed that they didn’t take the opportunity with this new OVA and series of kits to change the color scheme up a bit and give us something fresh, which they did more or less with the Gunpla Builders Hi-Nu. I will be changing the color scheme for this guy at some point in the future.

Weapons : 6/10

A good amount of stuff is added in with this Gundam. You get the beam rifle, beam saber, shield which I really like, but also, molded as one piece, an extra hand carrying three more beam sabers. While the beam sabers look cool, the hand molded in the same clear plastic goes directly against the box art for this kit and causes it to lose some marks.

Articulation : 10/10 !

For an HG kit the articulation is fantastic! Interestingly, it uses the same Poly-cap runner that is found in the HG 00 Raiser kits to allow those joints to swing every which way. The assembly of the side armor is rather simple which means if you move the legs to much upwards the side armor will pop off but putting back in place is no problem.

The kit is well balanced and can stay standing as you bend the legs in numerous ways. But you don’t have to have him standing all the time, ne.

Build Design : 7/10
Great fun to build this articulate thing. Almost MGish at times.

Fun Factor : 7/10
It is fun. I enjoyed putting this baby together and discovering where the next triangle would go. I played with the limbs as I was assembling them surprised at the range of motion there was. Posing and taking photos was also a good time as I tested the limits of what it could and couldn’t do in terms of range of motion.

Extra : 4/10
Not a lot of gimmicks here but you do get an extra piece that looks like three beam saber handles which attaches to the back of the shield. Plus 6 individual Beam Saber handles.

Sure it does look a little childish, but don’t let that put you off. If you want a highly articulate kit in 1/144 scale this might do the trick.

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  1. Gamedingo says:

    Just ordered this guy today, I’m a total sucker for articulation, and I really dig the concept of 9 beam sabers lol

  2. Asian1skill says:

    lol i agree that painting the hand will be a pain and i still havent figured out a way to paint it so im gonna put it on hold for now same with the Garazzo from 00

  3. ASM says:

    Man, the posability of this kit is quite amazing, especially for it being a HG kit at that. Since you said triangle now all I see is the triangles! I also where it does look like the Turn A. Turn A Triangle!

  4. sonar says:

    IMG 4232 kneeling snipe is a corker pose.

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