Gaijin Gunpla

This is one sexy looking Mobile Suit. As a suit it looks tremendous thanks to the great lines and exposed inner frame. It looks trim and sleek and capable of handling itself. Not a grunt by any stretch of my imagination. As a fighter it retains its Delta Plus look and doesn’t go off into absurdity.

Despite it being a transforming kit, or perhaps because of that, it doesn’t have a great deal of articulation in the hips and shoulders. I found that when I moved the shoulders too much it would knock the wings off the back as they are not secured strongly due their use in the transformation. The lack of articulation hinders the posing when it is standing but if you have a stand (I borrowed my Exia Dash’s) you do have some more options for posing.

I am not one for tranforming kits, Unicorn aside, so the Wave Rider portion of the kit doesn’t appeal to me much but the Mobile Suit side of it more than makes up for that. I put it into its Wave Rider form because I wanted to show you readers out there as much of this kit’s mojo as I could.


So let’s break it down!

Fun Factor : 8/10 For an HG there’s a lot going on and there’s some differences in the design that make it stand out from other HG kits.

Colors : 9/10 Awesome! I love the colors and feel a little sad that I will probably paint them a different color as I can’t match the tone with spray cans. I’ll try my best though (maybe).

Overall Look : 8/10 The legs really do it for me and the colors are excellent. Bandai, MG please!

Weapons : 4/10 The rifle looks very much like the Sinanju’s and works on the Wave Rider but other than the rifle you only get 2 beam sabers. I wish the shield attached better as well.

Articulation : 2/10 Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do with this kit in terms of posing. Once on a stand you have a little more freedom but not much.

Build Design : 6/10 Nothing too crazy. Anyone with gunpla experience will be able to handle this easily, but the transformation engineering earns it higher marks.

Extras : 8/10 With this being a transformable kit you get the extra pieces needed to complete the transformation but I think Bandai should have included a stand seeing as this is thing can fly.

Now, I’ll take this guy back apart and start altering some things…

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  1. ChroniK says:

    Not Bad! Not Bad! at all, and did you Paint it? also you spelled weapons wrong, instead you spelled “Weaons”

  2. Yami says:

    I want a MG as well 😀 !

    any plan for modification?

  3. hiroy_raind says:

    I’m just a straight-builder that adds extra touch-up by panel lining and silver & gold gundam markers.
    and when I saw this kit…

    Oh God the opportunities!! XD

  4. lupes says:

    really digging this! I’d love to paint it up like the Hyaku-Shiki (no doubt it’s been done by now, though)…and that waverider mode is sick!

  5. sonar says:

    MG +1

    I dislike when I can get little more than a static pose out of a kit. This however is great looking enough to almost excuse that, and the poses on the stand look great.

  6. Chris says:

    Im not surprised by the lack of articulation at all after all it looks like there are some parts from the hyaku shiki in this kit and the hyaku shiki didnt have alot of articulation in the same areas.

  7. Bocalt says:

    One thing that is never mentioned for this kit but highlighted for the Rozen Zulu is that the HGUC colors are wrong when compared to the anime and MG. How this is never mentioned in any review i’ve seen since its release baffles me. Where did that specific hguc color come from?

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