Gaijin Gunpla

After seeing this at the 50th All Japan Hobby Show last week I really wanted to get my hands on the newest HG, the Sinanju. This looks to be a good kit.

The cover art looks awesome! That Sinanju is one sleek suit.

Here’s the box contents. You can see an advertisement pimping the UC Gundam stuff such as the Head Display found in an upcoming issue of Gundam Ace Magazine as well as the Blu-Ray DVD’s of episode 2 which is hitting soon.

The red armor parts look to be molded really well and the color is just like the MG.

Here’s the stickers Bandai have supplied for the gold trim parts. After painting the gold onto the MG I am going to use these stickers and save myself some hassle. Thanks, Bandai!

And the clear effect parts for the beam axes, sabers, etc. Bandai really packed this HG!

I already know what color I am going to paint it. Muawhahahaah!

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  1. sonar says:

    I’m scared to meven try and guess. Looks to be a hell of a lot of parts for an HG. Be very interested to watch your build/kit review on this one. Will probably be the tipping point for me.

  2. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    Hey GaiGun, do yo know Vegeta8259 from youtube? He has some awesome paintjobs too, he painted a HGUC Kshatryia into Sinanju color scheme, wouldn’t be nice to see a Sinanju with Kshatryia color scheme?

    Here’s he Kshatryia:

  3. traviss says:

    That Kshatryia looks really good. I am thinking about painting my Kshatriya and that gives me motivation!

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