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When Bandai first announced there would be an HGUC Sinanju I will admit I was more than a little pleased.  I loved the Master Grade Ver. Ka version and to this day it might be the kit I like the most, so I couldn’t resist picking up the 1/144 scale Red Comet the day it came out. I also couldn’t resist putting it together that night. What I thought would take a couple hours took me closer to four.

Overall Look : 10/10

In my opinion this is the best looking Mobile Suit in existence, but I will admit to not having seen as many as some other people. Love the curves and angles. The Gold Foil Bandai supplied for trim looks awesome. That enormous backpack! The proportions just seem perfect to me.

Colors : 9/10

Love the red. It looks great even out of the box. My only complaint would be the yellow trim parts, but because there are so few it doesn’t become an eye sore. The white for the tanks on the back is a nice touch as well.

Weapons : 10/10

What more could you ask for? You get that monstrous shield which I love most of all, by the way. The Rifle, two beam sabers, four beam axes, extra hands, and even the grenade launcher that can attach to the rifle or the shield. Sure this kit is more expensive than other HG’s (Kshatriya aside) but look at the stuff you get!

Articulation : 6/10

Bandai does a good job making almost all the movable parts on the MG also movable on the HG. While the articulation is very good and mostly limited by the huge pieces of armor this thing has, due to its size, and more specifically that enormous backpack it does have difficulty being posed when standing. Putting it on a stand will get more out of it.

Build Design : 8/10

It’s a pretty time consuming build and there are some tricky sections but what you will probably spend the most time working on is putting those gold foil stickers in place.

Most specifically, the part for the knee. Each side consists of six stickers! Which means to do both knees you will need to put on, let’s see six time four, carry the one… 24 stickers! Of course, because I am a perfectionist it meant I had to get each of the twenty-four on perfectly. And I enjoyed it…

Fun Factor : 8/10

Admittedly, I haven’t built many HG kits compared to MG kits but this kit is by far the most enjoyable HG I’ve built and surpasses some of the MG even. There are plenty of large and an equal number (or more) small pieces used in the design and poly-caps galore!

Extras : 8/10

The extra hands and extra Beam Axe handles and blades are really welcome because I don’t have to do a terrible amount of part swapping if I don’t want to. The extra hand specifically molded to grip the rifle is awesome too. It’s like Bandai provided you with a small set of B-Club hands for free! You could even make a case that the gold foils are an ‘extra’ for an HG kit.

This kit surprised even me, and I’ve built a Sinanju before! Plenty of parts, many of them laid out on the runner in a way meant to make gate marks minimal, those excellent gold foil seals, and probably the most important thing; It’s the Sinanju! It’s the best!

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  1. traviss says:

    Yeah I must admit, it looks good.

  2. Paul Loubser says:

    The proportions have been well translated into Hguc, I want one purely cos i get to scared to play with my mg.

    Also would be much easier to do some mods on the hguc version:D

    Only thing i’am against on the hguc is…
    And I’am sure bandai will make some extra cash outta us with this, but it would have been cool to get the gattling cannon with this realease seeing as its so awesome.

    And I agree with you, this rates as one of my top 5 favourite Mobile suit designs of all time.
    great review Syd

    • syd says:

      I agree. I am almost afraid to touch the yellowbird. I feel there’s too many chances to wreck it. The HG actually feels a little sturdier due to its significantly lower number of pieces.

  3. sonar says:

    Enjoyed that review. Thanks. Will definitely pick one of these up. Do the feet seem a little stunted or is that front lower leg armour just lacking a bit of detail? That would be my only gripe and it would probably be easy enough to fix. Yeah a gatling or a bazooka would’ve been nice, but I think you’re probably getting quite a bit of bang for your buck. How many runners were there?

    • syd says:

      How many runners? Without looking in my garbage can… A, B, C x 2, D, E x 2, Effects runners x 2 = 9. But I am willing to admit I may be wrong.

  4. Vamp says:

    Great Review, I definitely gonna get one of this kit. Either MG or HGUC…… 🙂

  5. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    Mine was sent today by HLJ, I was already happy with it, but with this review I am even more excited!

  6. madmoz says:

    Looks like I am the only one who doesn’t like the Sinanju. Even the missus likes it, everytime she accompanies me into my local supplier’s place she’d ask me to get the MG. Even offered to pay… but strangely I’ve not yet taken her up on that offer!

  7. Gundam Guy says: you have a scoring system. Very nice. I look forward to all your future reviews!

  8. ghostdein1 says:

    Hey Syd, it’s ghostdein1 (you *may* remember me as a commenter on a few of your Hobbylink videos on youtube)! I’m loving this new site! This format is much better suited than the blog, and it looks very slick!

    Anywho, I have a Sinanju-related question, but more specifically, one about your world-famous Yellowbird: Would you be so kind as to point me in the direction of the metal mono-eye housing that you chose? I’m having some trouble sourcing a suitable equivalent… Thanks so much for your time and help!

  9. syd says:

    Hi ghostdein1,

    Thanks for the kind words about the site. Let me get back to you about the metal housing. I have the package at home and will find it and let you know which one I used for the eye-housing.

  10. Jeff says:

    I was thinking about asking for this or the MG for my birthday and I was wondering how painting the trim yellow would work out so that it matches all the vents.

  11. Df says:

    F*&k my unicorn i love sinanju

  12. Bocalt says:

    Hey there people, still not confident on what to buy among the various MG ver ka kits ( can only get one) I have this hguc still in box and i bought it after the excellent reviews it got.
    But with “3” MG Sinanju around, I have to wonder, depending on how you can answer those questions, I guess i’ll opt for the Nu version Ver ka. Therefore for those that have both:
    1) How do the proportions compare to the MG? Does this kit feel chubby or something?
    2) Is it more poseable than the MG?
    3) Is there any feature/detail that feels missed out from the MG?
    4) Is there anything it does better than the MG?
    Thanks in advance for everyone’s opinion.

    • ClayCannonII says:

      This is a hard question to answer because it’s all about personal preference. So look at pics and check out yhe reviews of it. Then decide for yourself

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