Gaijin Gunpla

This kit released on Thursday of course and I wanted to build it right away. However, Thursday is the day I head off to the dojo so I wasn’t able to start on it until I returned home at about 10 PM.

‘No problem. It’s an HG. I should be able to pound it out in a couple of hours.’

I grabbed the kit, my side cutters and my hobby knife with new blade inserted and sat down to work. One other thing I needed.

As I was trying to build this rather quickly, I didn’t take a lot of pictures so I’ll give you a bit of rundown of certain parts of the build. Besides, if I told you everything, you wouldn’t discover things on your own and that’s a good portion of the fun when it comes to model kits.

Opening the kit I took a moment to look over the runners and was impressed with the amount of detail on most of the pieces.

Looks just like the MG! Don’t know if I will be masking this like I did the MG though.

Here’s the poly-cap runner. The build uses all of this except one.

And the gold foil stickers. Bandai did a great job on these.

The very first piece the manual states you cut out is the chest piece. A couple poly-caps and frame pieces later.

And from there you put the gold foil stickers on. Already?!

The frame for the head is one piece. There is a green sticker for the eye, but as I had some Aurora stickers left I opted for that instead. I just trimmed flat the part where the sticker goes.

Unfortunately, it isn’t very noticeable once the armor pieces for the head are in place. The armor parts are attached the same as in the MG version.

The shoulders are pretty straight forward. Bandai did a good job of having the gate marks on these pieces be in a place that will be covered by the final piece of shoulder armor so you don’t need to trim so delicately.

However, that final armor piece for the shoulder has some gate marks in places that are difficult to get to with your hobby knife if you want to cut it flush. I ended up holding the piece at an angle with my hand in order to line up the knife.

And then…

I had just changed the blade on my knife so it was sharp. Very sharp. It sliced right through the top of one finger and actually hit a second. Even with my low blood pressure, blood started flowing pretty quickly. I held my hand aloft while digging through a drawer with my free hand looking for a bandage.

And finished the shoulders.

Next up was the lower arms.

The design is such that the poly-cap into which the hands will insert are assembled at an angle in the lower forearm. This give the Sinanju that tough look with his hands curled inwards.

Then more gold foils.

Two for each part for the front of the wrist, and three for each part for the rear!

Here’s the feet, and other than removing some big gate marks there isn’t a lot you need to do. When I first checked out the Sinanju design I thought the feet were too long and pointed. I don’t think that anymore.

The knee is constructed from two pieces and this is where the gold foil madness happens. As mentioned in the review it takes six different pieces of gold foils for on e side of the knee making twenty four in total!

The gorgeous lower legs are actually assembled really quickly. But that’s what happens when there is no inner frame.

They have a good range of motion too. Beautiful and functional. I think I’m in love.

Then back to the gold foils for the black parts on the skirt.

The side piping doesn’t get assembled until you put the legs on the skirt just before you put the assembled upper half on.

The backpack thrusters go together simply, but this isn’t surprising as it doesn’t open like the MG version. Poly-caps are used so it ‘opens’ slightly but the fit of the poly-caps is so tight it’s almost no movement at all.

There are actually quite a few pieces used in the assembly of the back pack unit. Bandai made all thrusters on this kit separate pieces rather than part of the frame so you can paint them before you put them on.

The most beautiful backpack ever.

Reaching for another swallow of beer… あれ?

Here’s the finished Sinanju.

At this point I decided I should stop as it was after 1 am and I needed to be at work the next day. ‘But I’m so close… All I need to do is build the weapons.’

The rifle consists of four pieces.

Plus one green sticker.

(This will probably become an Aurora sticker.)

Then the mighty shield. Love this shield as well.

And then the beam axes. And the Beam Sabers. And the extra hands. And the Grenade Launcher. Wow, there’s a lot of stuff here.

And the remains of my gold foil sheet.

So 2 am rolled around and I was finished. And exhausted. I packed it up and put away my supplies, swept up the little plastic pieces I left lying everywhere, brushed my teeth and went to bed. You can see the final product in the review.

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  1. hiroy_raind says:

    ouch finger.
    hey cat :3

    haha, the “oh boy this is going to be awesome! I can’t stop now!” syndrome XD

    Bandai actually made a great job on the gld foil, I’m impressed 😀
    and from your pic, I’m guessing that the back skirt is movable?

    I really can’t wait till I got mine! ><

  2. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    Damn, I hate “I can’t stop syndrome”, because of her I already many fights with my parents xD

  3. Nyanerius/Shaomu says:

    Dang, this harks back alot the the MG. But those stickers seem like they’ll come off easily, so I hope you decide to paint them in when you do a recolor of this badass, and make it looks better than it already is somehow.

  4. Sei says:

    hell… it’s definitely a TEMPTATION !!! hahaha…
    after reading ur articles n review about this kit, i’m so gonna buy it !! 😀

    btw, is that a cat… ??? in the box ?

    • syd says:

      That is indeed a cat in the box. She comes over while I’m working on gunpla and finds the empty box or my empty lap. I frequently find her hair among the pieces.

  5. sonar says:

    The amount of pieces in the chest surprises me a little. HG’s are really coming into a different league. I like the inclusion of the beer.

  6. Evan August says:

    Seen this one Syd?

    I take it this is the kind of finish you’re going for on your Gunpla TV build?

  7. Evan August says:

    And by the way, I have some builds I’ve been meaning to get to you for reader submissions. Just trying to get some good photos but keep getting sidetracked by real life and starting new projects…dont want to leave you hanging here. 😉

  8. Ying says:

    Hi Syd,
    Since we didn’t get to see what you did with the black and gold pieces of the HG Sinanju in episode 20, I was wondering if you could post it on the blog. I was really looking forward to see what you came up with.

    • syd says:

      Hi Ying,
      That’s going to be shown in the next episode of Gunpla TV. I actually started preparation for filming earlier today.

  9. One Marzukey says:

    cant blame you for staying up late…..once we start building a kit, there’s no way we could stop until it finished…heheh…

  10. Evan says:

    Cat reminds me of my rabbit, he likes to ‘investigate’ the boxes and runners and ‘help out’. He’s my own personal Haro bunny. I tend to find hair around on on my bench as well.

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