Gaijin Gunpla

After a week-long holiday in which I returned to my home and native land to see family and take a break from the busy pace of Japan, I have returned to the land of Gunpla eager to get out my side-cutters and snip plastic.

ASM was in town the day after I returned so we got together to chat about life, gunpla, and who would buy the next round of drinks.  We met in our usual stomping grounds of Akiba where he handed me my lovely 限定 ANA 00 Raiser.  It is indeed lovely.

Our first stop was Yodabashi Camera where the display case held some new and up and coming Gunpla kits.

Beginning Gundam

I actually snuck this kit into my luggage and had it half assembled before having to stuff it back in my luggage for the trip home. Once home I finished the build. Sure there’s some clean up to do, and I will have to decide whether I want to paint this kit or not. I do know that I will be doing something to that three beam saber hand, though. This picture reminds me of the Turn-A Gundam. The Beginning Gundam has awesome articulation and seems to be made up of a bunch of triangles. Triangle Turn-A?


HGUC Sinanju

Both these kits are scheduled to hit the same day and I want a crack at both of them. So much Gunpla, so little time. The gold foil on the HGUC Sinanju looks pretty sharp.

After Yodabashi Camera we wandered over to the Asobit City and took in some great customized kits.

Gouf lineup. Now, ma’am. Can you identify the Gouf that attacked you?

Here’s a cool looking MG Full Armour Gundam. I think I have officially seen enough of this kit now.

And a well-done MG Musha Mk-II. I can appreciate this.

So now it’s back to Gunpla and regularly updating this site with cool kits, builds, and other things I (and I hope you) find interesting.

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  1. sonar says:

    Great sneak peek at what’s on display in Akihabara. Not seeing this stuff without NK anymore. Hope this means there’s an ASM Tokyo photo journal on it’s way as well!

  2. Victor says:

    Hi, Syd,
    MG ReZel and HGUC Sinanju really suprise me. Well, unicorn’s mobile suit has a amazing design, I really expect for your reviews for this model kits. Beginning Gundam has a cool design, remember V Gundam. Bandai need to do a MG of this kit.
    Well, i didn’t know if send a e-mail is the best way or say in this messages. Anyway, i love gundam model kit and want to start to paint my models! Never did before, but i researched and saw a lot of videos about painting (of course, youur videos from Gunpla TV). I have some question, i think to use Tamiya acrylic paint, i want to test some effects, one i have some doubt. First of all, I’ll use handbrush, because don’t have airbrush and i think i don’t have much reason to use it. To the question… for metallic effect (no glossy! more matte), the best way is mix a for example, blue + metal gun? Do you know if have a nice effect? Or maybe buy Tamiya X-13 Metallic Blue? Is better to use thinner or water to tamiya color? To primer, the better way is to use spray? For who never paint a model kit, do you advice to use spray or paint?
    Sorry for this all question, but i don’t know someone else better than you to solve my question. I really appreciate your work! Don’t stop to do this!

  3. syd says:

    Hi Victor,

    When it comes to mixing paint I have very little experience because I use spray cans. You can find some good metallic colors in spray cans. You can also achieve an metallic effect by spraying a silver and then covering it up a clear color. For example, the yellow/gold on my MG Wing was done by spraying Silver Leaf with Clear Yellow over top. To thin your paints you can use the thinner tamiya provides but some people prefer to use things like lighter fluid. If you’ve never painted a model before my advice would be to use spray cans. You will get a good result with only a little work. Good luck!

  4. Victor says:

    I like the colors o MG Wing. Didn’t know you can use a this method with spray to get some effects. I’ll take your advice and use spray cans to paint the first model. Another question, I’ll paint a HG Ez-8, his body isn’t a pure white and the blue parts I want a metallic effect. The best color for body coud be a racing white (spray can)? or another color because of the metallic blue (like the blue of your MG Wing)?
    When its done, I’ll show you my work 😉

  5. syd says:

    Hi Victor,

    The Red on my Wing is Tamiya Mica Red and the Blue is Mica Bue. I found a good off-white color to be Mr Hobby #9 Gray. There is also a Tamiya Metallic blue color but it is lighter. Yes, please. I definitely want to see once you have finished.

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