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Having built the MG Wing Gundam not too long ago, I eagerly awaited the release of its counterpart MG Deathscythe EW Version.  The MG Wing was a very solid, enjoyable build and I was hoping for more of the same with Mr. Grim Reaper Gundam. For the most part that is what I got, but there are some things about the Deathscythe that might not have lived up to the expectations I had for it.

Overall Look : 7/10

The lower half of the Deathscythe is quite unique and stunning with the spiky protrusions on the feet and knee making the Deathscythe look formidable. The head as well is eye-catching but perhaps the shoulders look a little out of proportion and seem to throw off the look of the upper body.

Colors : 8/10

The orange contrasts with the well with the dark purple (No, it’s not black) and like the Wing the body is predominantly white. I actually really like that purple, which means I have to reconsider the color scheme I had planned on giving it. The red is minimal and almost unnoticeable but more red might have made it look less intimidating.

Weapons : 6/10

The Scythe is pretty cool, and the green effect part can be attached or removed very easily. It also stores on the Deathscythe’s back with a simple adapter. One side of the Scythe’s handle is grooved so the hands can grip it anywhere along its length. This seemed like a great idea to me, at the time. The supplied hands however… more on that later. The Shield, with its own effect part, is a little more complex and suits the Suit’s theme very well.

Articulation : 5/10

Sure there’s a lot of movement in the legs, however when trying to use it the suit seems rather unstable which is somewhat surprising given how big those feet are. It has more or less the same range of movement in the shoulders and arms as the Wing. The two sides on the backpack also move but this is not a good thing. As these were not designed using a polycap, but rather a plastic ball joint, they are far too loose and they tend to flop this way or that on their own whim and you can’t really position them as you would like.

Bandai made a big deal about the extra movement in the wrist area that would allow the Deathscythe to be posed wielding its scythe however, the fingers of the hand seemed to pop off each time I moved the Scythe rather than the wrist moving. This became a frustration as I tried to get some good photographs. Also, the rear part of the helmet actually impedes the movement of the head. If you want to have the Deathscythe even looking level, you’ll need to do some modifications.

Build Design : 6/10

Certain sections required careful attention such as the knee joints, whereas other sections seemed difficult simply because the pieces didn’t seem to fit together properly. In the above picture you can see how the head isn’t fitting together properly. This is because the orange pieces for the head slide into the front piece of the helmet from behind and need to go in perfectly otherwise you will get this result. Even when I was sure to remove the gate mark completely it wouldn’t assemble properly. The skirt armor, just like the Wing’s, seems to pop off easily.

Fun Factor : 5/10
Maybe it’s because I already assembled the very similar MG Wing, but I never felt sucked in while building the way the Wing took me in. As a Master Grade kit there could have been some more moving parts making assembly that much more intricate. The Wing at least had its transforming gimmick which required a good design. One interesting aspect though…

That’s right! You can slap the Wing’s wings onto your Deathscythe. Customizing the wings will definitely make this more fun.

Extras : 3/10
The extra hands are welcome, but don’t seem to serve their function. The green effect parts are cool, though.

I really wanted to like this kit, and perhaps I went into it with too high of expectations, as I feel somewhat let down especially when it comes to trying to pose the thing. That said, I’m really looking forward to trying to do something with some extra MG Wing wings I have lying around and giving it a good paint job. There’s a lot of untapped potential with this suit. Now if I can just tap it…

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  1. madmoz says:

    those shoulder pads look so 80’s!

  2. Evan August says:

    Nice build up Syd. There’s certain things on the MS that look cool, but this one just doesn’t do it for me. Those toe spikes and the scythe itself are kind of off putting in my opinion. Looks like Bandai could have engineered the head better, that’s a nasty seam.

  3. sonar says:

    I’m not feeling the elf feet either. I do however really like the knee spikes. The shoulders seem to throw the look of the kit out of balance, but it immediately looks so much better with the Wing’s wings on. Another great review. I’m really starting to get into your review format. Can’t wait to see your ReZEL review.

    • Busterbeam says:

      i like the review format as well but i do have a question about the difficulty category. i guess the higher level of difficulty will result in a higher score for the overall suit, implying that difficulty is good thing. im not sure how i feel about that.

      • syd says:

        That’s a good point, Buster, and one I’ve been thinking about. I like difficult builds using many complex parts but others may not feel the same way. I have been considering changing the ‘Difficulty’ criteria to ‘Design’. A good design can be difficult but still functional whereas a bad design leaves something to be desired and usually results in frustration on the part of the builder. Good call.

      • Busterbeam says:

        its your decision to make. sorry i left a somewhat lengthy post on your Mk.2 review. Just something to consider. i’m not trying to cause trouble or anything but i thought the mark 2 numbers weren’t fair. I’m a bit biased though.

      • syd says:

        Actually, Buster, you’re touching on a lot of things we have been pondering on this end so thanks for your input. I have been using the last few reviews as a test bed for how I want it to look and present. Hopefully I’ll finalize details soon.

  4. sl619 says:

    The proportions kinda disappoints with the upper torso being so “fat” compared to the lower torso. haha. However with decals applied it should look good by standing there. This kit is so essentially Ver Ka with bad articulations and small caution decals.

  5. Gamedingo says:

    Nice review! For me, I think Bandai did a really good job on representing the Deathscythe as I remember it from back in the late 90’s. As a kid, I always liked the fact that this suit looked menacing, and used very unconventional weapons…As for the colors, I sort of wish Bandai would have went with the CAD colors that they showed, where he was a light gray instead of stark white.

  6. Ying says:

    If you were to paint this, what color would you use for the black parts?
    I was going to use the extra finish method to give the yellow parts a gold finish.

    • syd says:

      Hi Ying,

      I have painted it. The gallery should be up tomorrow or the day after. The black parts of this kit were actually a dark purple so I used Tamiya Dark Blue Mica. I tried getting an extra finish look to the orange parts but it didn’t work for me because I oversprayed and made a mess of it so instead went with Tamiya Brilliant Orange.

  7. Ying says:

    Can anyone recommend me any tutorial sites for steps to paint and detailing Gundam Models ?? I’m fairly new to this hobby and any help would be appreciated.

    I’m still learning the process, but is there a set way? I’ve just been panel lining my Gundam and have yet to paint one.

  8. dave says:

    I want one and will get one definitely this xmas.

    Thanks for the review

  9. bobby says:

    i dont have any problem with my Deathscythe, despite the lack of extra, i love this kit when im done built it, i dont meet the head issues, the backpack issues….it didnt great but for me i just simply love it…..

  10. Ryan says:

    Hey Syd, which Gundam Wing kit do you recommend? except for the wing gundam of course. Also, what are your thoughts on the EW version of the Deathscythe?

  11. JG says:

    So this is my 4’th MG build, after Unicorn Pheneix Gold Plated ver., ReZel Commander Type, and Providence Gundam, and I noticed that this kit is… smaller in stature than the others. I guess my Gunpla question is: are the Wing EW MS’ just smaller than UC or SEED MS’, or does “1/100 scale” vary??

    • S2 says:

      The 1/100 scale is consistent. Wing kits are, in general, not as tall as those in series such as SEED.

      • JG says:

        Thanks, good to know! I’ve got the MG EW Epyon and Sandrock in my backlog, wanted some idea on how I’ll handle shelf space 🙂

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