Gaijin Gunpla

To quote the great Glen Quagmire, “Giggity!”. As soon as the kit started coming together I knew this one was special. I’m speechless. I am without speech. So I will type.

After building the Kshatriya I was looking for a good challenge. The RG Zaku doesn’t come out until November so I went searching for another kit. When I came upon the Hi-Nu I immediately liked it but had no idea what was in store for me. The Hi-Nu is to me as what the HG Sinanju is to Syd. Part of the greatness of this kit must have something to do with I finally figured out a consistent way to put on dry transfers. I will be reviewing the disappointing Death Scythe later on and you will see how bad my dry transfer skills are. I’m learning.

Anyway on to the good stuff.

Overall Look: 9.8/10

Badass. This kit looks so good my wife said it was okay to put it out in the living room. She thinks it is the best looking Gundam kit I have done so far. I can’t describe it; it just looks like you really have to take it seriously. The Wing Gundam I did was awesome looking but it is missing something compared to the presence the Hi-Nu has.

Colors: 9/10

This kit does not need to be painted. The blue is a lighter blue than the “norma” Gundam blue and it looks fantastic. Most importantly they kept it to two colors.

Weapons: 7/10

Best shield in the business. As you can see in my pictures I did not include a gun but kept the shield. Maybe that goes against some rule but who cares right? The guns themselves are not bad at all and I haven’t seen any clear abominations. They kept it simple and respectable.

Articulation: 8.3/10

Like most MG kits the articulation is pretty extensive. Personally I am not too worried about it because once I build my kit I don’t really have much interest in posing other than the pose it will be in on my desk. Do to its solid design (which I touch on below) I think it deserves praise.

Fun Factor: 9.5 10/10

I am not sure why this is a 9.5. It should be a 10. I’m making it a 10.

Build Design: 9/10

Here is the one thing about this kit that I like the most. It is so solid. When I handle my other MG kits something inevitably falls off. Perhaps that is due to my sausage-like fingers but when I move this guy around it feels so solid. Legs & arms stay where they should. If I were to say one bad thing is the “wings” (dragoons?) on the back come off a little too easy.

Extras 7/10

Looking down at the box after I finished it I became a little worried I was missing some important piece of the build. There seems to be so many things you can do to customize it. The dry transfers & stickers are amazing. The main emblem on the shield on the default picture is a sticker…and it looks shitty. Even from far away you can clearly tell a sticker has been applied. They do make up for it by providing plenty of dry transfers.

Please note, I immediately regretted putting the yellow emblem on the shield. That was a rookie mistake. Haven’t had a chance to speak with Syd about it but is there an easy way (without messing anything up) to remove dry transfers?

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  1. syd says:

    You can remove the dry transfers with your finger nail. Just scratch it off. As you haven’t painted the kit you don’t have to worry about doing damage to a paint job. Looks awesome! I wish I left my Hi Nu blue instead of going with the gray.

  2. Tom says:

    lol, i was about to say “doesnt gaijin already have a hi-nu?”
    then i saw the author. ^^;
    this is one of the master grades i would like to get in the near (or late?) future.

  3. PaoloLorenzo says:

    This kit is badass! The funnel effect parts makes it even more worth-buying. Hope I can add this guy to my little collection.

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