Gaijin Gunpla

I received a mail from a modeler who is currently working on the Kooh Plastic Kit from Pure. He asked for some pictures which he could use for reference for his own build. I didn’t take any proper pictures after I built this model, so I grabbed it and stuck it in the photo booth and snapped some for him. As he wants to use them for reference I have kept them large size. I think is already better than mine as he has added some good color with paint while mine just has some added detail with Gundam marker.

This kit is similar to Kotobukiya’s Hoi Hoi san kits and suffers from some of the same issues, namely the head being too large for the body which makes posing it difficult. I think Kotobukiya has a step up on Pure when it comes to this kind of kit as Pure seems to be the new kid on the block when it comes to producing plastic models. In fact, inside the box there is a slip of paper correcting the mistakes in the original instruction manual.

Onto the pics.

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  1. madmoz says:

    Thanks Syd. These photos really help. Also, I am kinda relieved that mine is not the only one having ‘fit’ issues!

  2. madmoz says:

    Also, seeing your photos (constantly peeking in here while i plan what to do next) reminds me that my ‘piece of white paper tacked to the wall and an ikea lamp’ photo booth isn’t quite up to the task anymore, especially since it won’t fit an MG.

    How do you get the shadows to be so light and smooth? Multiple light sources? How many?

  3. syd says:

    Yes, this kit definitely leaves something to be desired, but I’m very interested to see what you can do with it. Also, the photo set up at work has one light diffuser. Works great, but I also use photo editing to lighten up the pics if they are too dark.

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