Gaijin Gunpla

This weekend provided me with some excellent weather and not wanting to waste it I decided to paint something. But what? Well, I already had my RG frame built (it came that way!), and I already picked up the colors I would be using for it, aside from the gray, so I trimmed some pieces and ran outside with my spray cans. Some pieces are still drying but I have enough finished now I can show my progress.

The torso is all assembled and ready to go. It will wait patiently while I finish up the other sections. Here’s another look if you’d like.

The shoulders were painted after they had been assembled. Rather than paint a bunch of tiny pieces the same color I opted to construct the shoulder and spray it as one piece saving me time and paint.

The skirt is awaiting a few pieces, the side skirt armor needed to be touched up so it’s not in this shot.

If you look carefully you can see the subtle difference in the shades of green.

The lower part of the arms are done except for one piece I had to touch up. I used Gundam marker for the silver you see on the inside of the elbow joint.

The ankle armor (is that what it’s called?)

Here’s the feet. I can’t continue the construction without the white pieces and as they aren’t painted yet I had to stop here.

It’s the same situation for the legs. The green armor pieces are painted but can’t be assembled until the white pieces are finished. I did take the silver Gundam marker to the back and side of the knee joint. Worked like a charm.

Tomorrow I should pick up the gray and so I think I may be finished the painting part of things within this week. Still haven’t determined how I will do the decals yet but that doesn’t have me concerned. I enjoy a challenge.

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  1. madmoz says:

    Bandai’s waterslides for the RG look real nice – better than the 2.0 ones imho

    • syd says:

      I agree. The RG decals are great. And plentiful. And small. I spent the last couple of evenings staring at them and now my eyes hurt.

  2. Jesta says:

    Weird, when it’s not white it barely looks like the RG.
    Looking good though!

  3. Gamedingo says:

    You should give him a gundam hammer…wish Bandai would have gave us ALL of Gundam’s weapons…oh well, maybe a RG G-Fighter will come out in the future 😛

  4. sonar says:

    Love those colours! Can’t wait to see the work build and the home build side by side!

    Looks like the detail is so fine it would be easy to lose some of it to the paint?

  5. Sei says:

    nice… 😀

    btw, Syd, do you mind to shed some light on how to paint joints ? in MGs especially…

    as i’m about to paint my Sinanju’s frame, and i was afraid if the paint just clogged the joints and render them immovable…. 🙁

    • syd says:

      Hi Sei,

      When I painted my Sinanju frame I painted each part separately and then assembled them afterwards. If you do wan to paint in after it has been assembled you can give it a coat of paint and then bend the joint and give it a second coat of paint to cover any sections that were missed with the first pass. What color are you planning on painting the frame?

      • Sei says:

        thanks, Syd..

        at first i want to paint it after assembly, just like how Ochi Nobuyoshi did in Perfect Painting Guide 2…
        but i guess i’ll do it your way… it’s safer for the joints… 🙂

        and, i think i’m going to paint it, well, something like Metallic Grey, or darker… maybe Gun Metal… 😀

      • syd says:

        I’ve used Dark Gun Metal a few times for frames and lupes used it on his Blue Berserker Sinanju.

        I’m interested to see what a light gun metal frame looks like.

      • Sei says:

        Dark Gun Metal ? hmm… interesting… 😀
        is it only available as Spray cans ? because, i don’t see any Dark Gun Metal in TAMIYA’s acrylic chart… and since i’m outside of Japan (Indonesia), it’s really hard to find Gunze’s product… 🙁

      • syd says:

        It’s available as a Tamiya spray can but I don’t know about the acrylics. Anyone?

      • Sei says:

        nope… it’s not available on TAMIYA acrylics…
        i guess i’ll mix GunMetal with a few drops of Black 😀

        thanks for the enlighment, Syd. 🙂
        i’ll be back when the frame’s done.

  6. Tom says:

    Would you opted for the waterslides or the stickers that RG Gundam came have?

    • madmoz says:

      Waterslides are harder to apply (and cost a teeny bit extra – think of them as after market parts) but the end results are almost always better.
      Also the waterslide sheet usually comes with surplus decals, which can eiither be slapped on as well for that ‘ver ka wannabe’ look or used for other model kits. That’s how I salvage decals for all those Zaku SDs of mine!

  7. syd says:

    I go with water-slides every time. That said, the stickers that are included with the Real Grade Gundam are fantastic when compared to the stickers you get with Master Grade kits, for example. If you aren’t confident in your water-slide decal skills and you are building the RG, I would use the stickers.

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