Gaijin Gunpla

I was always curious about the MG 1/100 PMX-003 The-O since I saw a post about it coming in on HLJ’s Facebook Page. It was big, clunky, and overall all offensive. However, I loved it! Despite it being on sale I can’t justify to my wife spending 9,600 yen on something that wasn’t sexy.

Then Syd mentioned The-O is also available as a High Grade! I would have jumped on that but I already have at least 1 other gundam (the newest RG) in the queue and I plan on trying to paint my first kit (the Kshatriya I built). That left me with 1 option. The super deformed version. The price was right at 800 yen, I could finish it while eating dinner, and could even convince my wife to partake. A nice diversion to the frustration I have encountered putting dry transfers on.

Please note that this review is relative to SD kits. I wouldn’t compare this to a HG or an MG.

Overall Look: 7.5/10

It is small and cute. What more can you say?

Colors: 5.3/10

Same colors as its bigger counterparts but one thing I wish they did was have the red pre-painted instead of using stickers.

Weapons: 6.9/10

This got a high score because for once the sword wasn’t that see through crap that is on every Gundam. It is a solid color as it should be.

Articulation: 4.1/10

It moves pretty well for having so few parts.

Fun Factor: 4/10

The build was fun due to it only taking an hour or so. As Syd showed this would be really fun with a child.

Build Design: 5/10

Its a deformed O.

Extras 1/10

Nothing extra.

I took some pictures with my Kshatriya and of course an honor guard made up of M.a.K fighters.

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  1. Aaron says:

    You are one of the first people I’ve seen who likes the solid beam sabers instead of the clear color alternative.

  2. neosonic says:

    lol so hard about u like the the solid beam sabers… 🙂
    all good man.. when you think of it… yea.. the beam saber in the animation is not see through at all

  3. traviss says:

    When I see a Gundam kit I think, “menacing death machine”. However when it is holding those tacky clear parts I think “menacing death machine holding a Lego piece”.

  4. Face.Of.Pepsi says:

    It has substantial girth in comparison to its height.

  5. sonar says:

    Lol at above two comments.

    Nice review Traviss. This is one SD I quite like the look of. I’ll be sure to pick this one up in my travels.

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