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I built the legs for the Sword Impulse before I left for my vacation and had planned on scheduling a post to show on the site while I was away. Unfortunately, hurried packing and arranging at the last minute meant some less important things had to be put aside until later. Yes, Gunpla (sometimes) is one of the less important things in life.

As I built the legs a few weeks ago, I am going to post from memory. Let’s see how that goes.

At the beginning, both frame sections of the legs are built simultaneously. It is after you reach a certain point that the manual differentiates the construction of the right leg from the left leg.

Here’s how the knee joint is put together. Pretty standard.

Nice range of movement in the knee! Of course, no armor is on to hinder it at the moment (I took this photo).

Nice detail on the frame as well. Gotta love the Master Grade series.

Here are the armor piece for the thigh.

When I put them on I noticed they didn’t line up. Is this how it’s supposed to look? I looked at the picture in the back of the manual as a reference and it appears they don’t line up completely there either. Not sure how I feel about this yet. Will have to wait until the test-build is complete to evaluate, although I don’t really know how I would change it if I was unsatisfied short of scratch-building new armor pieces.

Foot frame.

Then the armor pieces for the foot.

Interestingly, the Sword Impulse’s feet are not symmetrical as most other gundam kits are. Just another thing that makes this great kit unique. That and it looks awesome.

And assembled foot.

And assembled leg.

And two assembled, gorgeous legs. (or is it ‘two gorgeously assembled legs’?)

Now for the skirt and backpack and the test-build will be completed.

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  1. sonar says:

    They’re rather feminine legs aren’t they? xD

  2. Gamedingo says:

    Just gotta say, watch out for the pistons, I have the MG Force Impulse and the pistons in the ankle like to pop out when the toes are pointed down too far.

  3. Busterbeam says:

    ^ true. and be careful with the knee too. i had problems there but thats probably because i painted the frame and it was a bit too stiff there.

    the armour parts arent supposed to line up. they do if the knee is at the right angle but its made so that the armour slides up and down with the movement of the knee. i cant see how you could change that outside of re-designing the whole leg all together.

  4. syd says:

    Thanks for the heads up guys. Now I know what to watch out for. Feminine legs, Sonar? Hmm.

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