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Believe it or not I actually built this kit before Syd. His review was spot on, this kit was kind of a disappointment. The death scythe has a lot going for it and is certainly a “kit to get”. However there are a few hang ups that makes you want to move on to the next one.

Overall Look: 7.3/10

With its slim profile and sharp knees the death scythe looks like it can and will take your life. The overall look is one of the aspects of this kit that was not disappointing.

Colors: 7.5/10

Out of the box the death scythe looks nice, not quite as good as the Hi-nu but still a looker.

Weapons: 6.5/10

The scythe is not too bad (need to get rid of that clear green though) and the shield / sword (not sure what it is called) looks really nice when you can get it to pose.

Articulation: 5/10

Basic MG articulation. Nothing I noted in my limited experience.

Fun Factor: 5.1/10

With the anticipation high the build itself was pretty fun. It was not until I got to the posing (I don’t even pose my kits really) that threw me off.

Build Design: 1.1/10

Update: I walked in on Syd taking pictures of his DS and he was trying to put the scythe in the hand. Unsurprisingly part of the hand fell off and it reminded me how crappy the hands were. I just had to put that into my review (apparently I forgot) and update the score. So frustrating!

Getting this kit to stand holding the scythe like in the picture should be easy. It is not. I tried and failed. The scythe and hands seem like they are from different kits. I even tried some glue. I settled for an awkward stance because I just wanted to finish it and move on. Also, when attempting to apply the dry transfers many pieces fell off the back with just little handling.

Extras 5.5/10

I just liked the dry transfers. I messed up 65% of them but it was a good training exercise.

The lack of pictures is an indication of how much I enjoyed the kit after the build. This review shouldn’t sway you to not get it if you’re interested, this guy still has tons of possibilities. The DS does have a mean shadow…

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  1. sonar says:

    Nice review Traviss. I’m not really rushing out for this guy but I am certainly a fan of the shadows that some kits cast. The WZC casts a great shadow, as does the ReZEL. I do like the shield and the knees, but not a big fan of the elf toes.

  2. Traviss says:

    Thanks. I really wanted to like this kit but I only remember the frustration.

  3. Sei says:

    nice review !! i love Deathscythe, and already got mine. 🙂
    and now, i’m waiting for the upcoming MG Deathscythe Hell… 😀

  4. John says:

    totally agree with you, i expected the build design to be much better coming from katoki. Personally i feel that it was a waste of money which could have been put to better use. Totally disappointed with the kit.

  5. Pat says:

    I think the low marks gor build design was a bit unfair. I built my ds i ddint have an issue with the hands and i personally like that it comes with the option of switching them out. But you could always use some superglue to tighten up the parts falling off.

    • Traviss says:

      Maybe I should have cooled off before wrote about it and perhaps since Syd and myself both had the problems they fed off each other an grew but still to this day that damn thing won’t stay standing.

  6. jordan says:

    i have just finished building the death scythe hell. and yes, there are some shortfalls in this kit. Some of them to note are:
    1) the hands.
    The hands make it difficult to pose with the scythe. if the weapon were to be a sword or a blaster, then it would be easier to post, but with the scythe, and with the hands, it makes it more difficult to pose. I also understand why bandai resorted to the swappable hands and not the seed mg hands with movable fingers. because the death scythe is a considerable small mg kit, and due to the small size it might be impractical to implement movable fingers in this kit.

    2) the ankle joint.
    the ankle joint in this kit, is a double ball joint. not really sure why bandai did it like this, with the extra weight of the bat wings on death scythe, i can foresee that after some time of standing on it’s feet, these joints will give way. this will not be a problem if the deathscythe is displayed on a stand

    if u get to choose between the Endless Waltz version and the HELL version, go for the HELL version. The bat wings are worth it.

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