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I really enjoy the look of the Gouf and had a great time when I assembled the Gouf Ver 2.0. I stayed away from the MG version of the MG MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom mostly because it’s a model that is almost ten years old now and Bandai’s engineering has improved so much I didn’t want to be disappointed.  Now that Bandai has released a new 1/144 Gouf Custom it seemed the perfect time to take the plunge.

Overall Look : 9/10

I like the look of the Gouf and the Gouf Custom is just one step up in the mean department.  The massively sexy shield/gatling gun it sports makes it look even meaner than mean.  I can’t help thinking the head is just a little bit too small, though.

Colors: 8/10

I like the baby blue.  I am man enough to admit it.  I do wish they would have added one more color somewhere just for contrast’s sake.  I am a big fan of (well done) contrast.  I am a man of contrasts. I am not one to not appreciate contrast. The piece they used for the ammunition for the gatling gun should have been a different color. It came on a runner unto itself. Why not make it a different color, Bandai?

Weapons: 9/10

Massive (sexy) shield – check. Gatling gun – check. 35mm Gatling on its arm – check. Beam Rod and Beam Saber – Oh yeah!  This guy is loaded! The saber sliding into the shield for storage is a nice gimmick and the flexible wire they include for the rod is great. As it is actual copper in the center it should retain its flexibility for a good long time.

Articulation: 7.5/10

It’s got great articulation except for one spot.  The side skirt armour inhibits the movement of the legs.  However, this is a necessary evil due to how the side piping is designed.
Bandai even designed a locking system to hold the arm in place when it is holding the massive gatling shield.

Also raising the arm upwards from the side causes those massive shoulder pads to jam into the head of the Gouf so posing in that direction is limited.

Build Design: 8/10

One of the notable things on this kit is how they designed the piping.  It is molded as one piece but there are some slight gaps between some sections allowing it to bend in that direction.  This makes it curve/bend where it should.  It’s not terribly difficult but still is enjoyable to assemble.

One section that drew my ire is the design of the shield and how it fits in the hand. You have to put the hand onto the handle of the Gatling Shield and then snake the hand around the Gatling launcher on the arm before putting the male/female connection of the shield and lower arm together.  This proved rather difficult and the hand never seems to be gripping the handle of the Gatling Shield correctly.

You can also adjust the position of the Mono-eye but you need to remove the head and do it manually.

Fun Factor: 7/10

Nothing mind blowing, but still enjoyable.  It was interesting to see how the piping parts worked and the flexible part for the gatling ammunition and beam rod are appreciated.  After building the Sinanju so recently this kit is a step down.  That shouldn’t really count against it, however.

Extras: 6/10

I’m going to give it points for giving me the extra hands so it can hold its variety of weapons. Also, the previously mentioned flexible gatling ammunition piece.  The even included an orange clear effect part for the torso when a sticker would have sufficed.

I like this kit and am going to enjoy messing about with it. After building this I find myself attracted to the MG version again.  Bandai, MG Gouf Custom 2.0!  The people (well, just me) have spoken.

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  1. sonar says:

    You’re not alone in wanting an MG GC Ver. 2.0, and it can’t be far away. Not much to do on Bandai’s part except include the locking gimmick and mash the Gouf 2.0 runners together with the Custom’s. I like the smaller head. Adds to the menace. If you’ve ever seen the StandART gouf from series 2 you may see it as well. Search for it on HLJ. It’s bad.

  2. madmoz says:

    Big guns more than compensate for the small head 🙂

  3. Jesta says:

    I really like it! Not only am I a huge fan of the Gouf, I’ve got an amazingly stupid idea for a paint scheme that I’d rather not use the MG for. I can’t tell if it’s the head that’s small, or if the shoulders are just really big, though…

  4. syd says:

    From certain angles the proportions of the head seem proper, but sometimes I catch a glimpse of it and it looks gouf-y. Heh.

  5. CKai Cydek says:

    I have a MG Gouf 2.0, and I love it, but the Custom version is really my favorite variant! Partly because of it’s weapon set – I love shields that double as weapons, such as on the IWSP, Sinanju, 00 Quan[T], etc., and partly because Norris Packard is a Zeonic badass – way cooler than Ramba Ral.

    It saddens me that we likely won’t see a 2.0 of this guy till Bandai releases 2.0s of the 8th MS Team protagonist MS: the Ground-Type Gundam and the Ez8 first. And there was a MG release a few years back of the MS Igloo edition of the Gouf Custom – I was very disappointed to see it was the version 1.0. Bandai missed a great excuse to develop a Gouf Custom 2.0 without having to do so for the aforementioned Gundams.

  6. Tallergeese says:

    I wish the ammo belt fed into the gatling gun from the other side, so that the Gouf could use the 3-barrel machine gun with the gatling gun.

  7. jac.sinanju says:

    now they need to make an HGUC ‘8th ms team’ style guntank, so we all can recreate that scene… you all know which one. 🙂

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