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The new MG QAN[T] will be making an appearance on an upcoming episode of Gunpla TV so I knew I had to get this guy built fairly quickly.  I have previously built an MG GN-X and enjoyed how different the build, particularly the frame, was from your regular Gundam kits so I anticipated more of the same with the QAN[T].

And right from the start there are, of course, some similarities.  For instance, the GN Drive.

And as this kit houses the GN Drive it means the frame is built pretty much like the GN-X.

Apologies for the lack of in depth information, but I did mention I needed to be building this pretty quickly.

Here are some armour parts added.

These pieces will go go on either side of the GN Drive.

And the design to put them in place works very well. There is a loose feel to these pieces which means they will move ever so slightly as the Qan[T] torso moves around.

The head is really well done. There are plenty of parts used and they go together very logically, for the most part. It is also fairly solid, although there are a couple parts, like the clear green piece above the V-Fin that don’t seem to want to stay put.

The arm frames are assembled much like other gundam kits.

It’s worth noting that when it comes to the green parts, you put a green piece in the joint, put in a peg from the other side to hold it in place, apply a sticker to the green part, then put another green part on over top. The effect makes the effort worth it.

Here’s a shot I took of the completed arm frame with the manual in the background showing all the steps.

Then you start with the armour pieces.

For some reason Bandai has made the outer upper arm armour two pieces.

Pop quiz!

What are these pieces for?

CKai Cydek actually eluded to this in the First Look post. These three piece form the joint for the wrist.

Quite a departure from the normal piece used in most Master Grades, でしょう。 I do want to state that because of how the hand/wrist joint is designed it is very difficult to put it together if you don’t have things aligned properly. When I would go to put the hand armour piece on the index finger would pop out, and when I went to put it back in the other fingers would pop out. I became exceedingly frustrated with it. The throw-parts-across-the-room kind of frustration.

You’ll end up with a right arm that looks like this:

And then you stick a big blue part on for some reason.

And did I mention it’s going to be super-articulate?

The shoulders are easy enough to build, but they are not the same.

Right shoulder uses these pieces.

And looks like this:

Once you attach it to the torso along with the arm, you then put on one final piece.

But the left side is assembled using these pieces:

So when you attach it to the torso you get this:

I’m a guy who appreciates symmetry but the lack of symmetry on this kit actually works for me. And the torso sways to either side as well.

Will I be able to build the lower half tonight?

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  1. Traviss says:

    You will if you put down the PS3 controller.

  2. Ying says:

    Syd, Just save the Shadow Moses level. I always go back to that level, Especially the Rex vs Ray fight.

  3. Gamedingo says:

    Syd, I heard that the GN Sword bits that connect via a clamp-type joint(semicircle with line cut into it) are prone to breaking if your remove them too much, so I guess watch for that.

  4. CKai Cydek says:

    I am just so happy with the way Bandai attacked many of the issues plaguing the MG Exia – they’re practically noexistent in the 00 Quan[T]!

  5. sonar says:

    Ckai’s comments in comparison to MG Exia interest me. For all the wonderous engineering and fantastic design of the MG Exia, it was a pain to pose and was averagely balanced. Struggling with the nub marks tbh.

  6. Mena says:

    Awesome stuff mate. Wait. YOUR SYD FROM HOBBYLINK TV AREN’T CHA? ;D

  7. Sunny says:

    Coming along nicely Syd. I just started on that MG Zeta Plus A1, decided to do a straight build with the off-white/orange look. Ill post it on hobbylink when i’m done. Anyway a off topic question, I have a BB Senshi kit that I made when I as younger, it was based on a ZZ gundam, and it could transform from the SD version to a more real proportion version with the armor etc. My question is: are there more kits like that in the BB Senshi line ?

  8. CKai Cydek says:

    Just to reiterate a previous warning – please take extreeeeme care with those c-clamp joints on the GN Shield. There are more than a couple reports of modelers accidentally breaking them when they try to remove the Sword Bits Cs off the shield. And they were being careful, mind you.

  9. Red Comet says:

    Those C bits and shield weight are the main problems.

  10. Will.O says:

    Can’t we put petroleum jelly to help attaching and removing these bits?

  11. CKai Cydek says:

    The shield’s weight is nothing a little topcoat on the backpack manipulator joints can’t fix. Though adding lubricant or grease to the c-clamp sounds interesting. Hmm…I’ve only used some Tamiya grease on sliding joints before.

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