Gaijin Gunpla

I pulled a long shift and finished this guy off the other night. I thought it would take three days and had planned to build the weapons and stand on the third day. At the supposed end of day two I had finished the legs and skirt and wanted to play some Metal Gear Solid 4 but the ending was so long that I let it play and half watched while I finished off the backpack, weapons, etc. Here’s the picks and some explanation. (Metal Gear Solid 4 is awesome, btw.) Oh, also, I had left my camera at work so all pics are taken with the iPhone.


Here’s the frame parts which will serve as the  joint in the center of the foot.

The armour pieces slide into position in a unique way. Something I haven’t seen before.

And finally:

Here is the ankle joint.  It gives your feet 360 degrees of rotation with lateral sway.  Sounds like I am talking about a car.


Here is the joint for the hip. This design works really well and I am actually surprised I haven’t encountered it before.

and here’s the frame for the upper leg. The sliding piece looks much like a piston. Should someone want to really paint a frame in great detail, I could see this kit being a good candidate.

This is the part for the back of the knee.

Up until now you are building two of each section.

The legs, just like any gundam kit, take the longest, and the legs of the Qan[T] even moreso.

Just another note about the frame painting, Bandai has molded the upper leg outside frame leaving a hole into which you insert a circular part rather than molding it as one piece. This means frame detail can be accomplished much easier.

Then the lower leg which involves attaching three small pieces, the center for the foot to connect to the leg, and two others for the armour which will move as the kit poses.

Connect that to the upper frame.


Bandai’s design included the use of green clear parts for the kneed joint and interestingly, you cover them up with the next step.

Then apply armour.


For some reason this reminded me of a PG.

Rinse and repeat for left leg.


Here’s how the main part assembles, you can see how Bandai has designed it so the hip joints swivel.

Here’s front skirt armour.

And the side. The bottom armour part comes off quite easily, especially once the kit is assembled and moving. Bandai has designed this part to move to enable the weapon to attach to the hip.

The manual shows you attaching the legs to the hips after you’ve put the armor on the skirt but I found this way to be easier; snap the hip joint section into place and then attach the legs followed by the armour.

If you (and I) have done everything right he should look like this at this point

Backpack/shield/weapon attachment thingy:

I have no idea how to describe this. It’s the part that will attach the shield to the Mobile Suit.

It’s done! (I think…)

So now Mr. Qan looks like this.

It was 1 AM when I finished this so I didn’t bother to take pics of the weapons or stand. You’ll see them in the review.

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  1. Red Comet says:

    Looks like that shield was too heavy even without sword bits. Meh.

    I’m really glad i ended up not buying this, MG Quant is one of the worst MG I think..

    • syd says:

      The shield is actually not that heavy. When you extend it out away from the body, of course it affects the stability of the kit but for the most part the kit stands up without problem with that shield attached.

      • Red Comet says:

        But what you said about “the shield is not that heavy” was when the shield still without 6 sword bits right?
        I think when all of those bits connect, that shield will be very heavy.

  2. Ying says:

    Be careful of the shield bits, they will beak if your not.

  3. Ying says:

    Red Comet does have a point. The flexibility of the Torso coupled with the weight of the shield will have the Quanta leaning to the left

  4. Sunny says:

    Hmm, now we just have to hope that some optional parts maker is gonna make a GN Sword IV for the MG Quanta just like Hobby Japan is giving away the 1/144 one. With that attached the balance issues would be solved IMO.

  5. John says:

    hey syd, i think in one of the pics you’ve put the movable ankle armour(front) the wrong way haha 🙂

  6. ChroniK says:

    [Spoiler Alert]
    The part where it has two green clear pieces on the legs are used in the movie, were they extend outward and some of the armor plating is purged. Its called Quantum Burst, it is used when understanding the ELS in the movie.

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