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The MG 00 Qan[T].   There was a lot of hype regarding this Master Grade kit, and Bandai added to it by showcasing the Qan[T] in a sweet exhibit at the All Japan Hobby Show revealing that there would be the option of using an LED for the GN Drive just like the GN-X.  Reviews of the MG Exia were not so favorable but how has Bandai made this kit better?  I wanted to find out.

Note: I didn’t have a lot of time to play with the shield and GN Sword Bits and there has been a lot of info floating about the internet so I am not going to be redundant.  My comments are regarding the kit itself and not so much the GN Sword Bits.

Overall Look: 9/10

I really like how this kit looks. Despite its lack of symmetry I find this suit appealing to me aesthetically. It’s lean and flexible and fast. All the sharp edges around the torso and skirt help enhance that image. I am not much into 00 but this kit certainly holds my attention.

Colors: 8/10

Contrasting with the tried and true red, white, and blue the Qan[T]’s green effect parts really stand out.

Weapons: 7/10

The shield looks great even without the attached GN Sword Bits. How it attaches to the suit is really well designed allowing it to be worn on the side as a shield or behind the suit. As people have pointed out, the shield is pretty heavy so it does affect the balance of the kit somewhat. The GN Sword? I can take it or leave it. It attaches to the forearm fine but is so heavy that the hand can’t really hold it well.

Articulation: 9/10

Here is where the kit design shines, but also where faults in said design are highlighted. The kit’s hip joints provide plenty of range of movement, however, moving the legs past a certain point causes some armor pieces to fall off. (more on this later)

The design for the wrists is also really well done. Range of motion in the wrist joint is enhanced thanks to a unique design and the upper (or is that lower?) forearms also pivot forward and back. The lateral sway of the torso is appreciated however it does seem to be a little too weak once the big shield comes into play.
There will be a lot of really cool photos of this kit coming, mark my words.

Build Design: 7/10

The unique mix of stickers and clear green parts gives a neat effect for the torso and legs, however it does certainly require good concentration and a steady hand to line them up properly. You’ll definitely need a good dose of patience as well.

As mentioned before the shield attachment is a neat gimmick unto itself.

The parts that displeased me?

Well, there is this section of the helmet. For some reason Bandai molded this so it requires a very small section to be inserted however there is nothing to hold it in place except for friction. If you trim just a little too much gate mark off the small piece it will not stay in place and you’ll be searching for it frequently, or give up on it altogether. For those out there who will be painting, then glue is no problem, but if you just want to straight build then you are going to have to be very careful. The V-fin comes off far too easily as well.

The side skirt armor was designed very poorly, in my opinion. With a kit that has this much range of motion in the hips why design the side skirt armor to come off/apart so easily? The lower section of the side armor is meant to come off and move down one peg allowing you to attach the holder for the sword, but this means it just comes off anytime you move the leg too much to the side. On top of that…

This is how the side armor attaches? Seriously. Did Bandai learn nothing from how the side sections of the Deathscythe backpack fail? This is exactly the same thing. Only a ball joint and a hole into which you insert it. No poly-cap means there is no snug fit. It will hang there until you move the leg and then it just comes off. Weak.
Before I paint this thing I am definitely going to have to come up with some kind of modification for this section.

Fun Factor: 8/10
If you’ve built a fair number of Master Grade kits in your time, you usually can tell how a build will go just by looking at the runners. Before you even remove a piece you have an idea of what goes where and its function. The Qan[T] threw me off a bit. And this is a good thing. Maybe because I haven’t built the Exia but as I was building the Qan[T] I found myself looking at the pieces and pondering what their purpose was. This element of discovery is something that makes Gunpla so fun, so it was good to experience it with the Qan[T].

Extras: 7/10

Hurray for included stand! Bandai also gives you options when it comes to doing the eyes and choices when it comes to using the dry-transfers. It also states in the manual that if you plan on building it with the the LED GN Drive that you need to use different stickers for some sections.

Despite some design flaws and balance issues, and rumours of problems with the GN bits, I really enjoyed putting this guy together. The problems with the side skirt armor, though frustrating, weren’t enough to turn me off of the kit and I look forward to working on it more in the future. If 00 is your thing, you might want to check it out.

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    they should make an included stand standard practice! love getting those with kits!

    • CKai Cydek says:

      Including a stand for propping up heavy weapons/equipment is nice, but I feel that the inclusion of stands that allow mechs to ‘fly’ isn’t necessarily required unless the mech’s design demands it. Otherwise, a good adapter to a standard Action Base is fine, and it lowers the kit’s costs a little.

    • Z says:

      Does a Guntank really need a stand? xD I’d prefer them to leave them out and just provide the adapter for the action base simply to keep the cost down, or use that plastic to produce other models.

  2. sonar says:

    I’m not a fan of the included stands. I just think they look a bit cost effective. I think if I collected all my included stands I could fill a standard HG box easily ;). If they included an action base it would be a different story… The review itself was very entertaining and held my interest throughout though I have little interest in the kit itself. Very nicely written.

  3. Ying says:

    Great Review Syd. Are you going to give this kit the “S2” customization?

  4. Shaomu/Nyanerius says:

    That assymetrical imbalance with the shield is what’s making me wait for the MG 00-Raiser or 00-7S/G. I do prefer flying swords over airplanes, but the GN Sword III looks way cooler than the GN Sword V.

  5. Z says:

    Very informative review, Syd! Nice that you point out the flaws of the kit. It really is odd of Bandai for not designing a PC part into the skirt armor (was that the piece that kept falling off during Gunpla TV ep. 20? xD)… that’s like HG 1/144 design right there. It’s understandable for smaller models but in an MG? Almost a bit unacceptable. I supposed you can fill in that void with a spare polycap (trimmed to size) to remedy that problem. I know I’ll certainly be annoyed by it.

    The biggest turn-off for me is the weapon though. Simply said, the swords doesn’t really look like swords to me :/. When you are used to something like the GN Sword I/III, GN Buster Sword, Gerbera Straight, Excalibur, and the likes… the GN Sword V looks rather bland in comparison ^^;.

    • bryanmerel says:

      first of all, i am actualy a fan of OO gundam serieas and mecha, so you can bluntly say that my opinion is biased, but i just realy need to say this bit of info. the side skirt at first, yes it pops out too stubornly, but that is if the leg is “NOT ARTICULATED CORRECTLY”. yesif you were surprised, there are other means of articulating that leg. 😉 if you would mind looking at the mechanism of the waist part, you’ll see that at the socket of the waist to conect the leg, the socket it self can udjusted to be moved a little bit lower, allowing tha leg joint to be moved lower from the waist. if you did this udjustment prior before doing leg articulation(especialy those side split pose, which are most of Setsuna’s mobile suit are popular doing. XD),you wont find the side skirt flying out, as that waist mechanism allready suplied good space for better leg articulation. ;D as for the shield, yeah, the shield gets heavier with all those shield bits, i am quite disapointed that BANDAI didnt do any kind effort of providing effect parts for the bits. 🙁 but over all, this kit looks graet!!! ps: i never expirienced ever for my v fin flying, i actualy saw QAN(T)’s V fin compared to other V fin design more sturdy… 0.0a

  6. Haikal says:

    One Question,can i spray paint the pieces when they’re on the trees?

    • syd says:

      Yes you can but you will need to do some touch up after removing the parts from the trees if you want it to look great.

    • Dennis says:

      Try painting the frames using Syd’s method on Hobbylink TV. Barbecue scewers with alligator clips attached to them. Then just place the pointed end in a old piece of foam.It holds the pieces by the mounts underneath while you paint and it dries. Takes longer but the result is well worth it. You’re patients will be rewarded 🙂

  7. Haikal says:

    Getting mine tomorrow

    • syd says:

      Let us know what you think of it!

      • Haikal says:

        Finished it and its actually pretty good,so far no parts falling off.the clip on the shield to attach the C Bits won’t break coz i found a solution on removing it safely.making it hold the buster sword/rifle is a paint in the ass sometimes .Overall i give it 8/10

  8. aL0nNeZ says:

    hey, jux wanna noe, does the kit come with a led GN Drive in it? and for the MG Exia as well, does it come with one too? ty

  9. Lacerta says:

    I don’t have any of the armor sliding off issues you have with this suit. I only have two issues with this model
    1. Stupid looking sword GN Sword.. with or without the bits attached to it… it still looks well… stupid…
    No bits mode: Looks stupid coz nearly half of the sword is enveloped with the gray part thingy which makes half of the sword blunt
    With bits mode: Freaking overweight not to mention it looks plenty weird to me (diamond shaped sword??)

    2. Side skirt: nearly no articulation… come on they give this suit with a leg articulation that allows it to split perfectly but they don’t give it the side skirt that will allow it to do so :/ not to mention the removal parts keep falling off

  10. Ryan says:

    I had alot of fun building this kit. As ive said previously, i find its the single greatest looking MG Kit that is available today. Its great looks are enhanced by its articulation, very posable. In some respects one of the simpler kits in terms of extra’s hes pretty lean. In no way does that take away from him, its form and function blended beautifully.

    Being able to purge the armor for the Quantum Burst and fusing the twin drives is excellent and mines has the drives joined even now, its fantastic looking. I just wish the kit included the parts for the chest extending and deploying fins. Its a shame such a simple thing isnt there, despite some press release versions having this included.

    Sadly this kit isnt without a flaw or too, the fins on the chest fall off very easilly, but thats minor and easy to resolve. The biggest issue is that sword, Its great they include a stand for the sword, but even with the reach extension, it cant get even close to my kit when its on its CB Action Base. I really wanted to pose him firing in cannon mode with the drives joined, but sadly i cannot. I adore this model nonetheless.

    9/10 – Would be a perfect score if he could hold that cannon properly.

    • syd says:

      Hi Ryan,

      I go back and forth with this kit. Sometimes I love the look of it while other times, from certain angles, it looks a little convoluted. Still a great kit, though!

      • Ryan says:

        Hi Syd, thanks for the reply. I know your not a fan of sharp angles in your gundam designs, im generally a more rounded design liker myself. I just like how different this design is from your standard gundam design. I mean it has all your gundam basics, the headcrest, chest vents, propulsion, weapon hardpoints and so on, but it gets there in such a unqiue way.

  11. Aero says:

    Looks great, seems to fit to the definition of one of the most advanced 00 gundams out there, yet a few problems (quite a few) with performance.

    1. The backpack that is used to mount the shield (as well as the piece of the GN drive it’s attached to) disconnects from the main body whenever I try to do anything that involves the shield (the slightest touch causes the bsckpack to fall off). Maybe I’m doing something wrong (should I use glue to remedy the problem?) but it’s pretty crippling for me.
    2. The shoulders, after just a bit of movement, come off and start dangling off of the arms. I’m pretty sure this is because of my own error, but has anyone had this problem too?
    3. The sword falls off the hand very frequently, and the little thing on the side of the sword that is supposed to secure it to the arm doesn’t even come close to connecting with the slot.

    These are a bunch of problems I’ve had, so right now it’s stuck in a straight standing position, as posing it for combat triggers all the problems listed above. Does anyone have these problems or does anyone have any remedies?

    • Aero says:

      EDIT: The issue with the shield coming off was due to an error where I forgot to secure it with a certain part, so that isn’t a problem anymore, but I’m still having trouble with the shoulders and the sword….

  12. Boyet says:

    What do you do to balance the body with gn shield equipped?

  13. randomguy says:

    Nice review. I really love tis kit as im in love wif the design (its like a combo of 00 raiser n exia). But i really wish tat bandai would include extra parts for tis kit to go into its second form, the quantum burst mode, especially the extension for the middle chest area to protrude outwards like in the movie. I think, the transformation for the second form was planned n to be carried out during the development of tis kit but was cut short or cancelled due to several unknown purposes (time perhaps). Oh well, if bandai would thought of tat by now, the extensions should be p-bandai merchandises ^^

  14. marc says:

    Just a question syd which do you think is much better,i mean in terms of stability,this guy or the 00 raiser? And have you considered buying the 00 seven sword? thanks…

  15. Christian Alfaro says:

    i need the right arm of this model pls send me where to buy or get.thank you.

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