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In the recent HG Super Custom Zaku F2000 First Look post Dann99 had a question about what the back of the manual stated.

I won’t (or more truthfully can’) provide an exact word for word translation but I can give you an idea.

Try panel lining!
Some parts come with lines as part of the mold. Use a pen type Gundam Marker that you can buy separately at a hobby shop to bring them out.
Draw in the line and use a tissue or something to take the excess away. Simple technique for detailing up your model.

Here’s a weathering technique to make your mecha look like it has been used or damaged. Again use a Gundam Marker, or weathering type to enjoy creating a genuine weathered look.
Use a Silver Gundam Marker to make perfect battle damage. Use it along the edge or places the Mecha has been hit.
Use a Gundam Marker Black to look like soot. Color gun-barrels, etc, lightly and wipe with tissue or cotton swab to remove excess.

Detail Up using Foil Stickers!
Using scissors, etc, cut the foil sticker up into small pieces and use it to accent and balance the mecha. It gives a metallic look you can’t get with paint.

*be careful not to cut yourself with scissors.

Hopefully that answers Dann99’s question to his satisfaction. Next post on this kit will be the review!

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  1. ren says:

    nice translation! its good that bandai puts up these advices.. but we jus couldn’t understand it other den guessing the pictures.. thanks alot!

  2. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    Wow, it’s really nice to know what its the meant in those little thingys that I see so much ^^. When I was building my first models, I didn’t know what some of the icons meant and I made some mistakes, some irreversable ( don’t know if I am writing right 😛 ).

    Hey Syd, I bought the 2010 catalogue, and there is a page with a lot of icons, the 004 page, and every model kit has some of this icons in it’s page, could you answer what they meant? If it’s too much work for you you doesn’t need to answer, if you start answering everything to everyone it will get exhausting =(

  3. syd says:

    Hi Yuri,

    What catalogue are you referring to?

  4. Priza says:

    Finally I can understand a bit what the manual is saying.Thanks for the translation syd.
    FYI,I started learning Japanese only to understand what’s in the manual, even though I still don’t understand much^^’.

  5. dann99 says:

    thanks a lot!!!….now i know what it means!

  6. John Logan McKee says:

    I must also say thank you

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