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Dennis’ MG Strike Freedom Extra Finish Version.

I’ll let Dennis tell you about his kit.

Here’s some photos work of my work in progress of the Strike Freedom I promised. I ran out of the metallic silver paint , so you may see areas that look white from the plastic underneath. Instead of waiting to get more before continuing I became somewhat inpatient and decided to do the buildup without doing the silver first. I was actually surprised that Bandai didn’t undergate all the pieces that were done in the metallic extra finish.

[editor’s note: I think this is because Bandai used the same molds as the original Strike Freedom and just sprayed the extra finish overtop. Correct me if I’m wrong, someone.]

My favorite poses I’ve done so far are the in flight with rifle,

[editor’s note: This is my favorite too.]

the “boxer”

and the one I call “Sniper”. Sorry about the quality, [editor’s note: I cleaned them up a bit with my editing software. Hope you don’t mind.]

I really do like the way this looks with the metallic colors. Sort of reminds me of a new sports car that hasn’t been run on the streets much. Overall I’m pleased with the way this turned out as I hadn’t done one in all these years. I am definitely going to continue building these kits as they are fun to build.

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  1. Traviss says:

    Very nice! After seeing this I might just have to put the Strike Freedom on the “to do” list.

  2. GNSquacker says:

    Sometimes Bandai’s extra finishes look pretty hard to compete with when painting for a similar result
    are all of the gold parts extra finished?
    or only some of te parts?

    • Dennis Sullivan says:

      They are extra finished, but I’m experimenting with replicating the gold so that I can fix the issue with the paint I removed. The original kit parts are provied so I’m using some of them as my “test pieces”. See the newest edition of Gunpla TV as it’s shown there.

  3. gunpla says:

    wow the extra finish gold is shiny

  4. Dennis says:

    Kenshin…. Good pun, Guess I left myself open to that one 🙂

  5. Haikal says:

    I think Sunrise ran out of idea for the name of this MS,so they put Strike and Freedom together.
    Anyways,nice kit! shiny

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