Gaijin Gunpla

You thought I had forgotten about this one, didn’t you? Admittedly, I have been pretty busy on other projects but I have managed to finish a few and get a few more in the final stages so last night I wanted to slow the pace down thus I opened the Sword Impulse box back up and worked on the next step.

These are the parts I need for the rest of the skirt.

One cool thing about them; the side armour opens!

I just had to snap those pieces together and add them to the legs I had already built and presto!

The Leg Flyer! (um.. ya..?)

At this stage of the game the manual shows you how to um.. I can’t say transform, but more, bend the knees a couple of different ways…

…and then add some landing gears. (?)

They are pretty detailed too. You can see the spring. If this were a different part of the suit I might be tempted to paint them.

However, I can’t see myself putting this suit in this form anytime in the future so I attached the pieces just for the sake of pictures.

(in best television shopping host voice) Oh, but that’s not all!

There’s an attachment so you can stick this baby on the stand. That’s right! The stand! Sold separately.

Next up is the Silhouette Flyer!

Like so:

Then like so:

More landing parts:

Bandai has even included a separate attachment so the Silhouette Flyer can be attached to the stand.

Next up will be the Sword Silhouette. Perhaps one day soon I might actually have this thing in its mobile suit form.

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  1. Evan August says:

    Nice work. But what exactly is the point of the chest flyer, ‘leg flyer’, etc…looks kind of stupid to me.

    • syd says:

      From my limited experience (which consists of watching a couple episodes of Seed on DVD) this suit is stored and launched as several pieces that assemble in mid-air after launch. This allows the suit to be stored in a relatively small space and also to be shot down during the terribly long assembly animation sequence.

      • madmoz says:

        Which never seems to happen. Everyone actually takes a breather and waits for Shinn to get his mobile suit assembled. And we have to watch the same recycled scene over and over again!!!

  2. Evan August says:

    Interesting. In that case, it’s nice to see Bandai give you the options, but who would really display just a pair of legs on the base? Look forward to seeing the completed MS.

  3. Joe says:

    It’s stored in different pieces, from what I recall, because different configurations are used to make the Sword Impulse and the Force Impulse… Or something like that. Should I ever be in a Mobile Suit battle and the enemy is coming out in pieces I certainly won’t wait for it to assemble itself before I start shooting!

  4. Dingo says:

    My best guess is that they break the gundam into 3 parts for the sake of maintenance. if one part is shot down, they can have replacement faster than the whole mobile suit. 😀

  5. sonar says:

    Haven’t noticed the clear action base before, is that a new addition?

    • syd says:

      Yup, I figured I am doing myself (and the reader) a disservice by only having my gundams standing, so I thought I would get a stand and increase my posing options.

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