Gaijin Gunpla

Several weeks back ASM let me know he would be coming into Tokyo on business so we scheduled a get together in our usual stomping grounds, Akihabara.  It just happened to coincide with the official launch date of the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom so, as you can imagine, Yodabashi camera was even busier than normal.  When we hit Yodabashi, we saw that Bandai had set up a booth on the floor complete with samples of the kit in various states of build as well as a television running the same promo video that they were showing at the Hobby Show.  They were also giving out pamphlets and posters.

They gave us each a pamphlet but when we asked about the posters they informed us that it was for people who had purchased the kit. We told them we already purchased the kit yesterday, you know, to try and wrangle ourselves a free poster, but they looked rather surprised to hear that and said that the official release was that day. I laughed. So no posters for us.

We were going to pick up some supplies at Yodabashi but when we went to line up to pay the queue was the longest I have ever seen it, half the perimeter of the store! So I gave up, returned the items to their shelves and walked out of there.

After that we hit our usual watering hole, The Hub, and proceeded to slam bank Happy Hour-priced rum & cokes. Ah yeah. We also took up the waitress’ offer for shots when she was making the rounds. Even got a shot glass to take home. Always a good time.

We couldn’t stay too long as ASM was in town on business and had somewhere else to be that evening so we left the Hub just before they kicked us out for some scheduled party and checked out Asobit City. On the way there…

痛車! Cool, but…

If you’re a grown man who has to paint his american sports car in Angel Beats motif and sit on the street just to get noticed all the while playing your psp while the car runs it’s kinda sad.

In Asobit City not unexpectedly we saw someone working on the PG Strike Freedom.

Even half-done it looks awesome!

From there ASM went to his next appointment and I hit up the Tower Records just to see what was new in the music world. I don’t get any music channels on my television and stay as far away from Japanese radio as I can so if I need to know what’s new I hit up the music stores and spend time on the listening booths.

Then I hopped on the train, found a good seat, and settled in for the hour long ride back to my station.

Although my time in Akiba was short on this occasion, it doesn’t mean I returned empty-handed. Thanks to ASM and our regular kit/parts swapping I had this stuff to check out the next day.


00 Gundan/Seven Sword with something-or-other. I don’t really know yet what separates this from other 00 Gundam kits but I will find out soon enough.

And the Gundam Converge Fusion Works Hyaku Shiki.

The proportions on these SD Gundams are excellent and of the first set the Hyaku Shiki was the one I really wanted. The next set has the Gouf, Zaku, and ReZEL and I will be all over those like a.. like.. like a Gundam fan on Gundam merchandise (that’s all I got. Hey, gimme a break. I’m still recovering from all those Rum & Cokes).

I opened the box and.. what? I have to put this thing together?

That took all of 10 seconds.

When assembled this thing more than easily fits into the box in which it came. Why not assemble it, put it in a more appropriately sized box and sell it that way? Hmm..

Now that I live in Saitama I am realizing how much I miss the lifestyle of Tokyo and how much I didn’t experience when I lived there. Trips to Akihabara to check out the sights and see friends keep me going.

Back to Gunpla; The PG Strike Freedom looks epic. Seeing the excitement its release caused and seeing the kit up close makes me eager to start on mine. But I want to savour the experience. I will wait until my week long holidays at the end of the month to really get into it. Expect to see lots of pics on this blog. Until then, here’s some shot of the promo pamphlet.

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  1. Asian1skill says:

    damn i really want to know whats in the 00 kit. is it the special release which they changed the blue to red instead?

  2. Joe says:

    One day, I will be in Akihabara for a major Gunpla release… why couldn’t Gundam have gotten big here in the US? Man, I was born on the wrong side of the world…

  3. Asian1skill says:

    lol same here joe same here ='(

  4. Tom says:

    We all feel your pain Joe. I’m lucky that a hobby store in my area stocks up on some Gunpla.

  5. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    I wish I had born in Japan too Joe, everything there it’s just…. too me. Oh Well, and the worst part is that now I am envy of Syd! Again, what a surprise. 00 seven swords G is one of the most aprreciate designs by me in 00 series, and the inspection colors are just awesome. I wish I could get this limited releases… :'(

  6. Sunny says:

    hehe, altough i have to say I live in the Western hemisphere ( europe), I’m lucky enough to make frequent trips back to asia. So i get my dose of culture and gunpla in chunks. Don’t even have a hobby shop around that sells gunpla, need to get over to another city to get mine :/

  7. Busterbeam says:

    i want that hyaku shiki! havent seen those anywhere yet!

  8. Samshio says:

    Same Joe, I have a Hobby Shop about 10 miles from my house and they stock up on some models, like 10 different ones I guess but they charge quite a bit for them I feel. The sell the HG OO Quan[T] for like $26. Most their High Grades start at $25.
    Wish I lived near Tokyo to make trips to a fully stocked Hobby store that was made for me lol

  9. madmoz says:

    I want that Hyaku Shiki too.

  10. sonar says:

    Good reading. I regret not buying the earlier FW Gundam standART releases before they were discontinued. Still after that Gouf Custom… Better not sleep on FW converge.

  11. PhantomPain says:

    OMG, there’s a booth where you can see a guy paint gundam!!?? xD

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