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Before I can start painting my Iron Man Rezel I need to make some changes. First off, literally, is the horn type thing on its groin.

Here is what the skirt looks like. I have dubbed it ‘the elephant’.

But the Iron Man most definitely does not look like that. So I took this piece:

…and did this:

Although I cut off a little more than was necessary I should be able to fix this using pla plate and putty.

Another part of the ReZEL that I wanted to change was the torso. I want to try and give Iron Man ReZEL its own Palladium Core. The logical solution was to remove the pilot as he isn’t necessary anyway with this theme.

This gives me a nice, sizable space to work with for the LED.

That’s right, I said LED.

There were no white available so I went with a yellow. It’s mostly for me to play around with.

This LED is just the light and the wire. There is no circuit or battery so I will need to do something about that. (Some help over here…)

But I could use this:

This is an LED complete with circuit and battery. It came with a set that I bought for putting an LED in my old Zeta test kit.

If I wanted to go this route I would need a spacious enough spot to place the circuit.

This should do.

Placing it here would inhibit the head from moving down into that hollow, severely limiting the ability of this kit to transform. Hmm.

I won’t commit to one course of action just yet. As it’s an LED it will be installed after all parts are painted, top-coated, and pretty much assembled, so I still have some time.

I did draw in the preliminary panel lines. Now to get scribing!

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  1. sonar says:

    Good luck mate! I’m totally excited for this. It is an interesting concept and I’m confident you will execute it masterfully. The ironman colours just reek of win from the outset. Really glad someone in the GB is docking that trunk. I thought about it but decided against it.

  2. zoidiect says:


    lol joking hahahaha

    as for the LED, im pretty sure you’re going to eliminate the Waverider mode, so i think it’s okay to make use of the hollow chest. just my opinion ^^

  3. darth.mingus says:

    Here’s an LED primer:

    you will need space for a battery and a resistor.

  4. Dennis says:

    Very nice so far. I like that your going the extra mile and scribing panel lines. It should look great when finished. Looking forward to seeing the completed piece.

  5. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    This is totally gonna be one of your best builds, have a lot of potential.
    And one question, are you going to with a glossy finish? I think since is IM inspired, I think a nice metallic and glossy finish would be awesome =)

  6. Shaomu/Nyanerius says:

    Ouch, I feel the pain ReZEL feels! You can’t just cut off a ‘bot’s, er, protrusion like that.
    Still, this might looks really good, but I hope you can get an internal power source instead of wire popping out somewhere. And maybe run it through the arms and into the hands.

  7. Busterbeam says:

    glad you cut that thing off. but isnt it important for the transformation to work properly?

  8. syd says:

    Maybe I am in the minority, but I actually like the look of that thing on the ReZEL. I cut it off because it definitely doesn’t say ‘Iron Man’. Buster, that piece actually gets in the way a bit when trying the transformation so now I don’t have to worry about that.

  9. Joe says:

    I thought the crotch beak looked kinda cool as well, actually. It’s a departure from the norm; always welcome in my books.

  10. Static says:

    Wow. This thing is going to be just awesome when you finish it. Just a question, but why didn’t you go with a blue LED?

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