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After seeing Plamo Addiction‘s work on his Perfect Grade Strike Freedom, followed shortly thereafter with ASM‘s, I couldn’t resist the urge to build some PG something.  Anything would do.  Therefore, I decided to satisfy my compulsion by building an easy part and one that hasn’t been shown yet.


Oh wait. That’s not Perfect Grade anything. It is a new set of Tamiya Sidecutters.  New Grade, new experience, new sidecutters.  Let’s get it on.

The first step was to find a specific runner out of the 55 that comprise the kit. Oh here it is.

That’s right. I’m building the stand. (hey, it’s fast, easy, and satisfies my desire to do something with this kit.) I love how the runner has a label on it. Because I wouldn’t know which runner to use if it didn’t…

The other two:

Because it’s ridiculously simple (it is a stand after all) I’ll just use pictures to show you.

And that’s it. I put the new side cutters in this picture to give an idea of the size of the stand (hint: it’s big!).

Of course, I want to keep going. Seeing this kit on various sites on the web is driving me crazy, but I need to finish work on others before starting this adventure. That and the end of the year means year end cleaning and parties, and sometime both together. I have a week off around New Year’s so that’s when I can really get down to building. Can’t wait!

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  1. Joe says:

    WOO-WEE! That is huge! I really do want to try my hand at a PG. I’ve got the PG Wing Zero Custom coming in from a source in HK, but the cargo is delayed because of all the Holiday shipping going on. But I’ve heard the PG Wing Zero Custom is one of the worst PG’s to start with, not that it’s a bad kit, it just has some issues. We will see.

    It’s got to be hard to not just rip into this PG SF! Knowing that you have to save certain parts for Gunpla TV…

  2. Busterbeam says:

    i just finished the section that will allow me to connect it to the stand. damn it looks big when its really assembled!

  3. sonar says:

    Are they the sharp pointed side cutters? The grips on mine are like a harder kinda neoprene-ish compound, and yours look like that kind of shiny plastic that coats wiring.. Maybe its just the pic. In any case if you do not already, I’m sure you will grow to love those side cutters as I do mine. Best purchase evarrrr.

    • syd says:

      They’re not as sharp as some I’ve seen. The edge actually curves slightly as opposed to my previous ones where they bent at an angle. The handle is the wire coating kind you described. I hope they adequately replace my old ones. Those lasted me forever.

      • Dennis says:

        If not see if you can find Xuron Brand side cutters. I have one that I bought in 2002 and they’re as good today as the day I bought them. I also have one from Games workshop that are straight and work decently. Only drawback is it’s chrome plated and the plating is coming off as I use it.

  4. Tom says:

    Never seen anyone build the base first, but hey, you start from somewhere.
    BTW, Can I add you to my blog roll?

  5. Samshio says:

    That is a nice base and looks like it could hold a lot. It is a rather large kit after all

  6. sonar says:

    Gah! Xuron are for cutting metal train tracks! 😛 You’re on the money Syd, there is no better side cutter for plastic money can buy than Tamiya as far as gunpla is concerned IMO. The sharp pointed side cutter is the name of the model. Tamiya Sharp Pointed Side Cutter

  7. Sunny says:

    huh, I use a pair of bandai ones, you know the one the yellow neopreen grip, I kinda like how they are flat, makes cutting close to the gate easy and I love the loose springs. Ill just sharpen them when they dull out 😛

  8. Dill-n says:

    The stand is done! You’re half way there :0

    Good luck on the build Syd

  9. Busterbeam says:

    im kind of disappointed that you cant adjust this at all. oh well!

  10. Larry says:

    Did you paint the bases? From your pictures, i get the impression that they were originally blue, but got black or darker.

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