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My first attempt at the RX-78 was the Ver. Ka. which I enjoyed but didn’t really think I would build another.  When I was asked to build the MG rx-78-2 Ver 2.0 w/ clear parts I, of course, had to do a straight build, and after building a G3 and Full Armor 2.0 frames I didn’t really feel I would be going back to that particular model.  When the Real Grade arrived I knew I wanted to do two things with it.

1) Build my RG to look like the 1/1 Gundam in Shizuoka which I was fortunate enough to see.


2) Build it in the coolest scheme of them all, the Real Type Color.

The first step was to find a design I could use as a rough outline for mine.  It came inside the September issue of Dengeki Hobby, which I purchased just for the white base (which, incidentally, now sits on my desk holding my iphone).

Here’s a scan.

I really liked the look of this kit and didn’t deviate much in the design of mine. When reading this article I realized two things; the builder of this gundam used B-club hands over the included RG hands and also, I would need to come up with some markings. For those I contacted Samuel Decal from and asked if he could resize his 1/100 Real Type Color decals into 1/144 for use on an RG. He was more than helpful and after some time of sizing and resizing, he sent me these.

Samuel Decal decal sheets are great and not very photographic. 😉

I had been cleaning up and preparing the parts for painting while waiting on Samuel and once the decals arrived it was all systems go.

Some notes regarding the painting process:

* I assembled the entire shoulder armor except for one piece before painting and painted as one whole assembly.

* The tiny armor pieces that sit flush with the larger armor pieces were all painted while still on the runner.

* The green armor parts are two different tones using the same colors from the Full Armor Gundam. That Full Armor Gundam digital camo project was actually a test-bed for this project.

* Colors are Tamiya’s Olive Drab and Olive Drab 2 for the green, Black for the shoulders and torso, Tamiya Metallic Black for the B-club hands, Mr. Hobby Red and Mr. Hobby Silver for the body, backpack, and vulcans and a Mr. Hobby Grey for the armor.

When working with the Real Grade series everything is so small and the work very fine.  It really takes a lot of concentration.  Rather than use the included gold foils for the elbows and back of the legs I opted for a Silver Gundam Marker.  I used the marker on all the pieces before assembling and then touched up afterwards.  Being marker some did come off afterwards due to the kit being handled often, yet I think it turned out better than I could have hoped.

Once I had the model painted the reassembling actually was more difficult than the test build. At one part I must have put the forearm armor on incorrectly because it would not line up. Taking it back apart caused me to bend some of the thinner pieces causing visible gaps. An attempt to glue these caused the green paint to come off and then it was back to sanding and painting again. sigh.

Weapons & Hands (things get difficult)

The B-Club hands are much more detailed than normal hands included with kits and give you a variety of forms to use so you just swap them on your kit rather than trying to pose them in a certain position. This means that you are assembling them onto weapons and such. Because of that, I actually had to modify hands and weapons.

I wanted to use the hand armor pieces that came with the RG kit and I had two spare from the shizuoka RG so I sent my order form to Bandai for two more so I would have the six I needed. Because they are designed for the RG I had to modify them by scraping away the pegs on the inside so I could glue them onto the B-Club hands. At one point I cut myself deeply with my hobby knife. But still I forged on. I was so close. I cut off some plastic from the grip of the weapon, but the B-club hands I picked up didn’t come with one molded for a weapon, only to hold beam sabers.

Now I had a problem. One does not hold a rifle the same way you hold a beam saber even if you are a huge machine designed exclusively for war. The solution? Cut off the thumb and reposition it so that it could grip the weapon. After that, things went smoothly. I just had to glue the hand together holding the rifle and beam saber. Of course, that meant painting, assembling, and decaling the rifle before putting it in the hand.

You’ll notice the silver in the Beam Rifle, and the same on the Bazooka. Yes, I masked those tiny pieces. It’s an affliction.

But Oh no!

Sonar saw this right away.

What happened? Well, because I am stupid, I neglected to make sure that the B-club hands would actually fit into the RG before I started the whole painting, decaling process. I was doing the final assembly when I discovered that the ball on the end of the B-Club hand did not fit in the hollow in the wrist of the RG frame. 困ったな! I had to use my file and very carefully file down the b-club ball joints until they were finally small enough to fit in the wrist joint of the kit. If I filed without due care I would remove the paint on the hands and rifle or, at worst, cause the hands to fall apart entirely. After some methodical filing I got all six hands functional. Phew. However, due to the many times I assessed the size of the B-Club ball joint I caused the wrist part to push the armor parts in different directions causing the decals around the end of the wrist to tear. I will have to take some mark softer and try to settle them down. There’s always at least one thing I can do wrong. 😉

Now my RX78 fix has been satiated it’s time to move on.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Nice job….

  2. Busterbeam says:

    from what ive seen bclub hands are about the same price as the model itself.

  3. Gamedingo says:

    @Busterbeam, yeah that’s what I’ve seen too, crazy for some spare hands!

  4. Tom says:

    First time I heard someone using b-club hands. They always get sold out so fast…

  5. sonar says:

    Damn it man you had some tribulations with those hands, which I pity and do not envy. I have to give you major points for a great colour scheme (the two tone green is the clincher), your hernia inflicting precision with masking (those weapons are first class esssquared), and mostly for producing such an overall clean and detailed result on this tiny little kit with all of its minute parts. Bravo Syd. Props for having the stones to hack away at a set of hands that cost more than the kit itself also. 😉

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