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The second Reader Submission belongs to Anton in France who originally contacted me asking for some advice about Gunpla but I flipped the script and asked him if he would like to have his kit shown on this site.  He agreed and provided some great pics for everyone to enjoy. Take it away, Anton.

I gave both my brothers MG kits for Christmas and it came as a total surprise for them because it was so out of the blue. My little bro appreciated it since he’s a Gundam Wing fan growing up. But my older bro wasn’t really enthusiastic about it, partly because of the fact that he thought i was gonna give him basketball shoes because the MG box had the same dimensions Haha. He ended up saying that I should work on the kit since he was busy… SO I DID!!!

So I worked on this MG zaku II 2.0 for two days to make my older bro regret “refusing” my gift. Your videos really helped me out man, and I just want to show u the end result.

(editor’s note: I think the Zaku II 2.0 kits are awesome. The frame is so much fun to build and the articulation is top-notch. I really gotta get on that Zaku Cannon.)

-The Zaku II 2.0 kit is great!!!
-My bro’s a jerk but I’m grateful 🙂

(editor’s note: These kind of shots are my favorite. It really looks like a massive machine designed for war. Nice!)

Problems I encountered:
-I was “forced” to weather the kit right away because of the Zeon Markers not rubbing off… (take a look at the forearms)…
-Problems with the weathering (paint rubs-off)
-right leg spring seems shorter, partially because i forced the peg in too much? not sure…
(editor’s note: I didn’t know the Zeon markers do not come off so easily. There is a Gundam Marker Remover that might work for cases like this. I had a bit of a tough time with the peg on the legs of the Shin Matsunaga Zaku as well.  Your weathering looks really good and you did it using markers!)

(editor’s note: This is my favorite shot. The light coming from your computer screen hits the kit in such a way it gives it a space flight type of look. I’m gonna steal this technique.)

(editor’s note: I don’t really know what’s going on in this picture, but it’s awesome nonetheless.)

I’ll definitely make another MG kit, and I’m dreaming of making a Zaku army!!!
(editor’s note: Luckily for you, Anton, Bandai has plenty of MG Zaku II 2.0 to keep you busy for a while!)

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  1. Anton says:

    Wow, that was quick!!! Thanks Syd! I’ll definitely link this to my brother hahaha!

  2. Dabok says:

    This is anton’s little brother. Hah! The screenshots are awesome! Maybe I should go start weathering my Gundam Wing too. I’m kinda scared to “ruin” it though.
    To the editor : You’re not the only one “stealing” that computer light technique 😛 haha

  3. Dennis says:

    That’s some very nice work and the weathering’s great. You are right about dry transfers, they rub off real easy. I never lliked them for that reason. Next time if you use them put a clear topcoat to seal and protect them. I went and bought decals for mine from Samuel Decal. I should have bought the 2.0, instead I got one of the older kits. The articulation on yours is nicer and you get weapons that mine (Heat Hawk). Also I understand that the older kits are harder to get the armour collars onto. Also the older kits don’t use springs for the armour colors on the legs. You get a piece of plastic that is flexible… to a point. Zakus are great aren’t they? I have two and want more >:-) Keep building Gundam…..

    • Anton says:

      Hey Dennis, I haven’t actually built any zaku kits prior to this one(and the last ones i built with my brother was HG 1/144 kits form the gundam wing series back in 2000), so I wouldn’t know much about the changes. But I have heard that the new system with the pipes are way easier now than before… but to be honest it was still quite a challenge, somethimes I really had to force the pieces to slide…
      Regarding the dry transfers, I’m actually quite happy with mine! The paint that i was talking about that rubs off was the weathering markers that I used… I actually don’t get it: For some parts they stay intact and for some they rub off(or should I say melt?), I think it’s with mixing a bit of water or something… not really sure, but I will definitely look into topcoats to seal it. Thanks for the appreciation man, and I’m open to suggestions regarding panel lining and weathering, also for painting the inner frame.

    • Dennis says:

      I actually received an RG Char Zaku for Christmas and that kit’s armour collars were easier then my MG kit’s even though it was smaller. I’m ordering an MG “White Ogre” Zaku II one of these days for my developing Zaku arrmy for comparison and will see if they use the same idea as the RG. On it the collars are lined up on the sprue and they are made in such a way that you could slide the springs and plastic pieces through them. The pipes all had long parts that you snipped off and then you could put the whole assembly on the model. I hear that it something like that. If you ever want to customize a Zaku check out HLJ’s aftermarket parts, especially the spikes and metal armour collars.

      • Anton says:

        I think I’ll try building the MG Gouf 2.0 next and for customizing I’m interested in how to effectively create seem lines…Kinda like the zaku black trinity that won a contest in 2009 which I saw in this site as well… it’s very risky business but I really wanna try it out.

        Regarding the MG white Ogre, it’s the same system for the zaku that I made but as I said “sliding” isn’t really the appropriate word haha…

  4. Tom says:

    Is the Zaku army gonna invade Syd’s place?

    • Anton says:

      If HLJ will sponsor me enough Zakus to make it all the way over there in Japan and invade Syd’s place, then you’re on!!! Hahaha… But as it is, it’s too much for me to afford specially with the customs/imports taxes here in France… they’re killin’ me!!!

  5. Dennis says:

    Anton, for panel lining; first buy a Gundam Marker. They come in various sizes and work real well for first attempts. Just have an eraser in case of mistakes. I use Pentel high polymer erasers. Just be sure to use it as soon as you can. The markers are permanent, but only after a minute or so. I use that now because I’ve been having issues with panel washes. You can get good results with it. I’d then experiment using paint. Syd’s got an exellent tutorial on Hobbylink TV. As for the Gouf, YAH…. Have fun

  6. sonar says:

    Nice work Anton. Some great shots. I like some originality and a sense of humour. I’d be happier with a Zaku than a pair of sneakers these days, but only by a fraction. It’s the thought that counts, right?

    • Anton says:

      thanks sonar (I’m guessing that’s not your real name, but if it is it’s badass! :p ). Really need to get that flat topcoat though… paint keeps coming off… Can’t wait for my Gouf 2.0!!!

      • CMO says:

        Anton – What color paint did you use to paint your Zaku II? I am 90% sure this kit will be my next build and I want to paint the kit. I was looking at Tamiya’s spray’s and was wondering which green would be the best fit. Did you use Tamiya? I was looking at the Olive Drab, but maybe the Racing green would be better. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help in advance.

  7. Rayes says:

    editors note: needs more editors notes.


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