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Now that winter has set in I am painfully aware of the limitations it puts on Gunpla, particularly painting. It’s far too cold in the evenings and mornings to attempt painting and topcoating, which leaves weekend days as the only time I can get any painting done. So, I have started to schedule my builds around when I will be able to paint. For instance, I can start painting the ReZEL this weekend which means I should do the scribing any night before then.

Gaigun Jr. has also been sick as of late which means I have been doing a lot of staying awake trying to get her to sleep and as a result am really tired. Add to that the busy holiday season at work and trying to find time to play some GT5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops with ASM and there are just not enough hours to do everything that I want.  But truth be told I am a little burned out, which is one of the reasons I am leaving the PG Strike Freedom until the New Years’ Holidays and the RG Zaku until I have time to really enjoy it.

But I wanted to build something the other night and realized that I haven’t touched the MG Sword Impulse in some time.  As I only had one step left I grabbed the box and enjoyed a good 30 minutes of building.

All that was left to do was to assemble the Sword Silhouette.

First this.

Add some color.

This next part is fairly large even if this picture doesn’t seem to show that.

These three pieces assemble together and then the movable sides are attached.

When I say movable I mean they are made to swing on a ball joint as seen here.

Giving you this type of motion.

Now some red pieces. (Did I mention the Sword Impulse red is sweet?)

Then some more red pieces (x2)

Giving you the Boomerang of Doom! I mean, the Sword Silhouette.

But for that you need swords.

Which means I finally get to touch these runners.

This part is more or less self-explanatory.

As if the swords weren’t long enough, they are made to slide in and out.

Then the handle:

Now that’s a weapon.

A really long weapon.

I’ll get around to playing with the effect parts later.

Here is what it looks like assembled.

I didn’t realize this at the time but the Silhouette Flyer is designed to have this piece extend and then attach to the Sword Silhouette.

And they even give you a little stand to use if you don’t want to put it on an action base.

Here is the Sword Impulse in its Mobile Suit form thanks to the Core Splendor transforming and fitting in the torso. Very cool.

Throw the Sword Silhouette on and he’s good to go.

I had planned on painting this kit right away and even experimented with various color effects but i realized that I like this kit so much that I want to play with it before I slap paint on it and it becomes an artwork that I am afraid to touch.

Some may remember my post about watching the Sword Impulse in action (read the entry here) and I am tempted to mess around with this kit trying to recreate scenes from that DVD.  I realize, of course, that Zhi over at Gunpla Inochi has already done it (and much better than I will be able to) but I will use that as inspiration rather than a deterrent.

I also wanted a kit to play around with to experiment with different poses and after reading Zhi’s entry on Hobbylink TV about how to pose Gundam kits. (read the article here) I am eager to get going.  As Zhi has shown this kit has a lot of potential for action poses and looks magnificent OOB so let’s see what I can do!

You’ll see the Sword Impulse again, I’m sure.  After all, I have the waterslide decals sitting on the work table at home.

I am also tempted to do a review of this kit even though it is a couple of years old now.  I am really impressed with it and want to let people who may be interested in this kit know my thoughts.


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  1. Tom says:

    I should have gotten that sword impulse from my hobby store when I had the chance… >.>

  2. Dennis says:

    Look at the size of those swords!!!!

  3. Joe says:

    I know I’m getting the MG Force Impulse for Christmas… kind wish I had specified the SWORD Impulse to my fiance when I gave her my list of wanted Gunpla. Oh well, I’ll just watch Syd build it and dream of the awesome swords until I get a bit of cash to order one from Hobby Link Japan!

    Speaking of which, just watched part two of The Year in Gunpla of GunplaTV. Nice show, Syd! I love that you get to show off your handy work for the folks watching.

    • syd says:

      I’m sure the Force Impulse kit is just as good. I actually went with the Sword Impulse because I liked the colors better. Do colors matter when you end up painting the kit anyways… ? hmm.

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