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I was eagerly awaiting the January issue of Hobby Japan last month (yes, in November) because it was the issue that would have the results of the 13th Ora Zaku Contest.  Yours truly submitted an entry and wanted to see my Musha Mk-II alongside other entrants.  You know, to feel like I belonged.  I flipped through all the entries and mine was not in there!  I be disappoint!  Actually, I was quite upset.  Especially because I had even purchased a 2GB memory stick onto which I loaded pictures to submit.

In my bad mood I skipped over the majority of entries and missed what possibly is the most bad-ass Gundam (or Gouf) I’ve ever seen.  Check out this amazing work!

I’m not going to post any other images on my site because he’s done a lot of work to bring traffic his way and deservedly so. The site, just like the kit, is really well done and really nice to look at. So I’ll post the link and you can send him the virtual traffic love.

It’s awesome.

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    yeah i saw this a while ago. his LED work is amazing. well everything is amazing but it was the LEDS that really blew my mind. wiring job is awesome

    bad luck with not getting your musha in there! next time!

  2. Priza says:

    Amazing!This is the most bad-ass zaku I’ve seen in my life. The machine gun and the sword is nice,fits with the overall look. I really like how the LED is used,it looks clean. He even built the 3D model on a “Blender” software.
    It’s a shame your musha isn’t in the entry,better luck next time syd!

  3. Tom says:

    I saw this on Gundam Guy’s blog, and I must say, it was quite good. Didn’t it won some kind of competition?
    Anyways, long pointy spikes makes any Zeon mobile suit better. 😀

  4. Dennis says:

    This has to be one of the best custom Goufs I’ve seen online far. I wonder who’s spikes he used. They’d look great on one if my uncoming projects. The colors are awesome; very subtle compared to some of the one-offs I’ve seen. Sorry to here about the Musha not being in the Mag.

  5. Otaku Surf says:

    This custom Gouf is outstanding! It kind of reminds me of a slimmed down kampfer crossed with a gouf. It’s brilliant!

  6. Shaomu/Nyanerius says:

    Greifer is German for killer, I think. Suits the mech. And while it’s not a Gouf, but a custom Sleeves suit, I still think I should say…
    It’s a complete scratchbuild with a lightup system in the head, shoulders, legs and torso. Looks like Psychoframe, really.

    • syd says:

      With the spikes on the shoulder and the huge guns, and of course the color, the first thing that came to mind when I saw it was Gouf.

  7. JohnLogan says:

    A most excellent build.

  8. CKai Cydek says:

    Wow…this is the first Mobile Suit Variant of Gundam Unicorn, yes? The Greifer looks like a Gouf crossed with a Kaempfer crossed with liberal amounts of awesome! And this would be Marida Cruz’s ride BEFORE the Kshatriya? It looks just as badass as the Sinanju! And it’s in my favorite color, too. Major WIN!

  9. Anton says:

    Man, this thing is a SHARK!!! I’m a big fan of the original Gouf (partially because of the pilot’s character) and it would be really nice if they can revamp the model to be more modern so it wouldn’t feel so 70’s anymore. Seeing a kit like this makes me think I’ve still got a long way to go…

    @Shaomu: Amen to that! This is no Zaku, boy, no Zaku! 🙂

  10. Z says:

    Wow… That thing is like the Gouf on steroids. Now that’s what I call a MODEL. Sorry to hear that your entry didn’t make it in :(. If it did, I would’ve bought that issue of Hobby Japan and tell my friends I know the modeler who built it xD. Don’t worry… your modeling skills will only improve and there is always next time!

    Happy New Year Syd!

  11. Ken says:

    WOOOOOW *drool* I think I’m in love

  12. Neon Wave says:

    Custom to the max!!

  13. Sambo says:

    Its almost enough to make you want to lay down your hobby knife…

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