Gaijin Gunpla

December is here and the launch of the PG Strike Freedom is approaching! I mean, the holidays are approaching. I think you can tell which I am more excited about. Let’s see what my work table looks like as the year 2010 approaches its end. Well, actually it looks like a big mess so I won’t show you the actual work table.

Here is what is no longer on my work table.

1/144 HGUC 001A1 Delta Plus

With the decals from Samuel Decal I think this Delta Plus is one of my better HG kits.  But does it equal the G Gundam?  Maybe not, but it sure is a great kit and a lot of fun. You can follow along with this build by reading these posts.

1/100 MG Gundam Deathscythe

This was originally meant for but didn’t make the cut, so I slapped some paint and decals on and made a gallery.  Like the look of the thing, but there are some things I couldn’t overlook.  A more patient modeler than I can definitely help this guy reach its full potential.

1/144 HG GPB-X80 Beginning Gundam

I had wanted to try out the Tamiya Silver Leaf to make an all Silver Gundam and the results look good, in my humble opinion.  Interestingly, it tends to reflect small light sources in dark rooms and look sweet.  The hand mod turned out fine, too.  Follow the WIP posts here.

What’s underway this December (when I am not playing my new PS3)?

Let’s look at what’s currently on the work table.

1/144 RG RX-78-2 Gundam Real Type S2 version

This guy will have its (Samuel) decals applied starting tonight and I should be able to finish it by this weekend. The weapons are ready but there is still some work to be done on a couple of the B-Club hands. Hopefully early next week there will be a gallery to show this guy off. Real Grades are sweet and I want to start on the Zaku II soon.

1/144 HGUC Sinanju

All I’ve left to do is the gold on the black parts then top-coat and it’s done. Unless of course I want to come up with a decal scheme for it. Of course I do!

1/100 MG ReZEL

December for me is the month of the ReZEL and I think the fellas over at the Gundam Australian Forum who are participating in the Group Build are moving on without me. I have the kit disassembled now and will be looking at what modifications I want to do before I start painting. I even created a draft of a post to kick off my build and participation in the Group Build, but didn’t post it yet. So little time.

1/100 MG 00 QAN[T]

This kit was a pleasant surprise, some small issues aside.  I intend to fix those issues and maybe a couple of other things and give this baby some paint and markings.  I want to be able to make use of its awesome articulation.

1/144 HGUC MS-07B3 Gouf Custom & 1/144 HG GBP-06F Super Custom Zaku F2000

Why do I have these two listed together? Well, I think I am going to kit-bash and produce my very own Super Gouf Custom Fsomething-or-other. I have already messed about with both kits and will throw a photo up on facebook in the next day or so.  Possibly here too.

1/144 RG MS-06S Char’s Zaku II

Can’t wait to start on the next Real Grade kit. Must be patient. Must also admit that my building is not at as steady a pace since Gran Turismo 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops arrived at my house. So little time.

Under the Work Table – Got it! Haven’t started.

1/100 MG MS-06K Zaku Cannon

I still intend to build this kit.

1/144 HGUC Hazel Custom

1/72 VF-25F Tornado Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom

December is the month of the ReZEL and hopefully this Macross kit. It has been speaking to me softly at night, calling my name.

Coming to the Work Table – I want it!

1/60 Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam

T-minus 8 days, folks. 7 more sleeps. I’m excited. My first Perfect Grade is also the biggest so far. Go big or go home. That’s how I roll.

Aside from the PG Strike Freedom, there is not much I am chomping at the bit to get at. I will be grabbing the 1/144 HG GPB-04B Bear Acguy for Jr., of course.  What about you guys?  What will you be holding over the holidays? And will we see a new Reader Submission soon?

Tune in January 1st to witness a possibly heavily-hungover, or even still-inebriated me update you on my kit status.

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  1. Dill-n says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing you build these.

  2. madmoz says:

    Beargguy is a must.

  3. Asian1skill says:

    well gaigun i got my rg zaku 2 coming my way into richmond by hobbylink which i ordered as preorder which will be coming by next week or 2 (9-12 days i say =P).Anyways probably gonna be broke cuz i got a friend to get me A.C.E R and gundam senki for me straight from japan sinc ehes going there for the holidays other than that i still gotta finish my sinanju from last year and the musha mk 2 that i bought last month.

    ps really love the service hobbylink provides love it


  4. Tom says:

    Oh no Gaijin, once you play black ops, and you like it, you might not be able to do gunpla for at least a week or two. But other then that, yea I’m interested in the PG SF and Bear Acguy. Maybe the HGUC Delta Plus…

  5. Joe says:

    I desperately am awaiting your work on the Zaku Cannon!

  6. Dennis says:

    Do the Zaku Cannon next….. Don’t procrastinate, otherwise you’ll end up like me with models stashed away everyplace.

  7. syd says:

    Zaku Cannon you say? Hmm..

    • Dennis says:

      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do the Zaku cannon next 🙂 would be a great buildup to see online. Especially if you do any wear like you did on the Full Armor Gunam.

  8. sonar says:

    Yay! Month of ReZEL! Super keen to see your Super Gouf kitbash.

  9. Joe says:

    You know… with all of the armaments the Super Zaku has, I really do think that it is still missing a Giant Gatling Gun, LOL. That will be a VERY cool kitbash. I still say do the Zaku Cannon first! :-)… okay fine, the PG Strike Freedom may have to come first, but Zaku Cannon immediately after!

  10. CKai Cydek says:

    That’s a pretty heavy lineup you’ve got there. I’m envious…not just of the kits you have but also that you have the TIME to build them! I have at least 15 kits of all sorts that I have yet to get to, but the Holiday season’s running me ragged. I’ll be lucky if I find the time to build and paint even an SD Sangokuden kit ^_^;

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