Gaijin Gunpla

I really didn’t intend on picking up the Nobell Gundam for myself.  ASM and I picked it up with plans to give it to Busterbeam as a going away present, but Busterbeam had already picked it up, and built it!, before we had realized it.  So, Buster being the nice guy he is, suggested I take it.  To be honest, Buster’s entry on his blog had me curious about the kit so I am delighted I get to try my hand at it.

The box are is very similar to that of the God Gundam which comes as no surprise.  The God Gundam was a great kit so I have high hopes for the Nobell.

Box contents

I was rather surprised at how little is in the box. This kit is touted as being realistically posable so I figured there would be more pieces.


She’s got it. And she knows it.

Here’s the Beam Ribbon. Should I be scared of something like this?

And an included stand. Sweet.

My ReZEL inches towards completion so perhaps this little lady will be on the Work Table soon.

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  1. Tom says:

    nice. I wonder what plans you have for this. =P

  2. Dennis says:

    I don’t know….. I have a bad feeling about this….

  3. Aaron says:

    Will you Ver. Ka this too as you did with your God Gundam?

  4. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    Really hoping for a nice custom. Are you planning to change her hair color depending on your preferences xD? I love redhairs *-*

  5. Z says:

    Nice. I wouldn’t mind getting strangled by that beam ribbon. It looks cool xD. Will you be changing her “outfit’s” color?

    I’m planning on picking this model up too along with God (after seeing yours!).

  6. Sunny says:

    hmm maybe ill get one and do her in berserker mode color, semi red all over 😛 but still need to mod the hair so that the become individual fins

  7. CKai Cydek says:

    She may not have very many parts, but her beauty is in her simplicity. The only qualms I have with her is that her limbs don’t bend much further than 90 degrees and her hair may tend to get in the way as it’s just one molded piece. Other than than, she’s golden.

    I can only hope Bandai would release a Master Grade of her someday. They already had the prototype made several years back, but never released the kit due to lack of interest.

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